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A Trip to Cajon Pass 12/14/2019

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton picked me up and we drove straight through the morning fog out to Frost via the Summit Valley and clear but cold windy skies and parked on the hill overrlooking the Frost Flyover.

BNSF 3966 West at Frost.

BNSF 7199 West at the Frost Flyover.

Union Pacific 7526 East at Frost.

Next came the Amtrak Southwest Chief train 3 with just a single coach.

BNSF 8023 East at Frost.

BNSF 4244 East at Frost.

BNSF 7706 East at Frost.

BNSF 3742 West had BNSF DPUs 5480 and 7324 at Frost.

BNSF 6656 West at Frost.

BNSF 7416 West at Frost.

BNSF 7416 West at the Martinez Spur.

BNSF 7922 West at MP 45.

BNSF 7754 West meets BNSF 8906 at at MP 45. This was it. We went towards home and stopped at Burger King for lunch and then back on Interstate 215. When we went by the BNSF San Bernardino Yard and I spotted the 2019 BNSF Christmas train in front of the depot. We made our way to get it.

The BNSF 2019 Christmas Train at the San Bernardino Station. We then parked and walked out on the bridge to get some more pictures.

The BNSF 2019 Christmas Train at the San Bernardino Station starts loading their passengers for their special trip for today. We stopped by West Colton Yard before Bill drove home ending another excellent rail adventure.