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The NRHS 2016 Denver Convention Trip Home Days 2 and 3 7/24-25/2016

by Chris Guenzler

Our next stop was the Agate Bridge.

The Agate Bridge, Next we drove to the Jasper Forest.

The Jasper Forest showcases one of the largest accumulations of petrified wood in the park. Next we will visit the Crystal Forest.

Views of the Crystal Forest. Lastly we will see the Giant Logs and Long Logs at the Rainbow Forest Museum.

The Giant Logs and Long Logs. I went inside the Rainbow Forest Museum.

These creatures were once alive here in the past. I used the restroom then waited for Robin in the car. Once Robin arrived we exited the park on the south end and took US 180 west to Holbrook then Interstate 40 to Winslow. We stopped at MacDonald's for an early dinner then had one last thing to do in Winslow.

Robin at the Standin' on a Corner statue.

Chris at the Standin' on a Corner statue in Winslow, Arizona. We gassed up again and headed west into the afternoon rain. A big rig had a major accident at the I 40/25 interchange and then the rains started to fall. We found a train and got to Maine just as one was heading east.

The eastbound unit grain train.

BNSF 5476 West at Maine. We got back on Interstate 40 and the rain got worse. It was 50 MPH driving over the next hour as the good driver stayed at the below the speed limit and those bad one flew by. Once I neared Seligman, I decided to leave Interstate 40 for US 66 with a lot less traffic. Once we were closer to Peach Springs and back in the sunshine, I stopped for a picture.

That was the storm we had come out of and good riddance to that nasty storm. We went to Peach Springs and found a green signal and waited.

BNSF 6583 West at Peach Springs. We took off to get another picture of this train.

BNSF 6583 West near Valentine. We headed to Kingman in a dust storm.

BNSF 6583 West nearing Kingman. We pulled off the highway and called Elizabeth to make a reservation for me at the Best Western in Needles. I did not want to stay in Kingman in a dust storm. Once on the move again we caught up and passed that train then crossed the Colorado River and we were back in our home state of California. We checked into the Best Western and it was 119 degrees Farenheit when we did. I worked on more of my stories before calling it a night.

On to Home 7/26/2016

That blast furnace of Needles was still on when we packed up the car and checked out. One last MacDonald's breakfast and filling the car with gas and we were off for home. I got off of Interstate 40 taking US 95 to the old US 66 to show Robin the way the Santa Fe Railroad crossed the desert. The road was opened all the way to Ludlow and we did see some trains along the way. At Ludlow we returned to Interstate 40 and stopped at the rest area. On the move again at Barstow we took Interstate 15 to CA 60 and construction delay due to a close car pull lane for about a mile. CA 60 took me right onto the car pool lane on CA 57 to the car pool lane on Interstate 5 to the car pool, lane on CA 55 and then the car pool lane on I 405 which I got out off and exited at Brookhurst. A right on Talbert and soon we were back to Robin's apartment. He took his stuff out of my car and we both commented that it had been a fantastic trip to Colorado. I drove back to Talbert, then the normal freeway I 405 south to CA 55 north to Interstate 5 exiting at 17th Street then straight up Santiago to my home. What a great trip is had been but it was so good to be home again.