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The Trip Home Day 1 Part 2 7/24/2016

by Chris Guenzler

Our next stop was at Glorieta.

The Santa Fe Glorieta station is now a US Post Office. We returned to Interstate 25 and took it south to New Mexico Highway 14 which we took south to the town of Madrid.

Santa Fe 769 2-8-0 769 is part of the Mine Shaft Theater in Madrid.

The front of the engine is inside the Mine Shaft Theater.

The Mine Shaft Theater.

A rotary car dumper.

GTLX tank car 96226.

The entrance to the Mine Shaft Theater.

A mine car outside the Mine Shaft Theater. We left Madrid and tok NM 14 south to NM 344 south.

Bad weather was brewing as we traveled south. We reached Interstate 40 and headed east to Moriarty where we turned south and headed into the worst thinderstorm of the trip so far. We made it to just west of Willard where we turned onto US 60 and came out of it as we were following a BNSF westbound train. We managed to get ahead of it and picked a grade crossing to the south and set up and waited.

BNSF 8471 West at the County Road B028 grade crossing.

The view east towards the thunderstorm.

BNSF 8128 East at the County Road B028 grade crossing. Fromk here we drove west on US 60 to Mountainair.

The Santa Fe Mountainair station. We continued west of US 60 and came upon another train.

BNSF 8213 East along US 60 west of Mountainair. We then drove to the US 60 bridge over the BNSF mainline just east of Abo Canyon and set up hopping for a train.

It did not take too long to start hearing an eastbound train working up the grade through Abo Canyon.

BNSF 5421 East came out of Abo Canyon and headed east. We headed west on US 60 to Belen and the next stop of this trip.

The Santa Fe Railroad Belen Harvey House now a museum.

BNSF trains being refueled for their trips west.

The Santa Fe Belen Station. We left here and one block over we found our last stop of today.

The Santa Fe M-190 Display in Belen. We then returned to Interstate 25 north to taking it nine miles to Los Lunes where we turned onto NM 9 but stopped at KFC to pick up some dinner to go. We took NM 9 to Interstate 40 to Grants where we checked in to the Travelodge for the night.