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El Dorado & Western Railroad Trip Part 2 11/12/2016

by Chris Guenzler

From here we will head to the Trestle Fill.

This is from the Tunnel Cut to the Trestle Fill.

Crossing Trestle Fill where a very high wooden trestle was once located here. Now we will head to the crossing on Greenstone Road.

The motor cars have reached Greenstone Road. Now we will travel to the crossing of State Creek.

We crossed State Creek. Next we head to Davidson Road.

We reached Davidson Road. Next we head to the Mother Lode grade crossing.

Crossing the Mother Lode Road. Next we run to El Dorado Road.

Crossing El Dorado Road. Next we will run the rest of the way to El Dorado.

We had reached El Dorado for a twenty minute break. I visited the station and bought a T-shirt and used the restroom. I will take only a few pictures on the return trip. We are now the last speeder in line. I took my same seat and enjoyed the views on the return trip.

The views on the return trip. We returned to Shingle Springs and I thanked my operator and the lady who worked the ticket table. A special thank you to the entire El Dorado & Western Railroad for having us on this very unique train trip. We left here for our next stop of the trip at Folsom.