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Pondosa Ranch 7/14-15/2016 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Next came the second light engines down the grade.

BNSF 6209 North. All we wanted was one empty coal train and our wish was granted!

BNSF 8530 North. We drove back to our cabin opening then closed the gate behind us.

The back of our cabin at the Ponderosa Ranch. I worked on the story until it was time to head to Alliance. We left the Ponderosa Ranch and drove to Belmont and a train was on the approach.

BNSF 8568 North at Belmont. From here we drove to the Belmont Tunnel. This tunnel is the only one in the State of Nebraska.

South Portal.

North Portal. We continued the drive to Alliance but saw a headlight after Marsland.

BNSF 5901 north near Marsland. We arrived in Alliance and found the first thing we came here for.

CB&Q 4-6-0 719 in Alliance.

CB&Q caboose13701. Next I took Chris and Robin to Carhenge. This exhibit is based on Stonehenge in England. Enjoy the views of Carhenge.

I hoped you enjoyed Carhenge. We drove to the north side of BNSF's Alliance Yard.

BN C-30-7 5546 is in bad shape. We gassed up the car and started back to Crawford but caught up to a northbound train.

BNSF 5844 North west of Marsland. We drove back to Belmont to photograph him there.

BNSF 5844 North at Belmont.

A building in Belmont. We drove to Crawford and I spotted a caboose so we stopped.

BNSF caboose 10718 in Crawford. We crossed the bridge over the railroad and stopped again.

NS 1101 South at Crawford. We went to the Tailgate Bar and Grill and I had chicken strips for dinner. We then drove back to the Ponderosa Ranch but stopped for one last picture.

The buttes at the end of the valley. We returned for the last night in our cabin at the Ponderosa Ranch. It had been a great place to stay and I will come back some day in the future.