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Black Hills Central Railroad Part 2 7/14/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We are still rolling along to Keystone.

The train took this curve.

Narrow gauge wye train at Oblivion. While the original railroad was standard gauge, a third rail was added at the start of this tourist train and Oblivion was the eastern destination from Hill City in those days.

There are plenty of curves on this railroad.

Another view of Elkhorn Mountain.

Down at the end of the road.

Elkhorn Mountain and a home.

The train crossed the Leaky Leaky Valley.

Beautiful view abound in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The train took more curves along our route.

The train ran through a canyon.

A slip and slide at the Judson Baptist Camp.

The engine performs a blow down at this point of the trip.

The train curved the canyon the rest of the way to Keystone.

The train arrived into the Keystone station.

The engine ran around the train after taking on water. This is when the trouble started. The steam line to the braking system was blocked so we could not use Black Hills Central Railroad 110 on the trip back to Hill City. Black Hills Central Railroad GP-9 63 will come from Hill City to Keystone to save us. We would depart once the engine arrived sometime around 12:30 PM. They turned the passengers loose on Keystone and Chris went for food while Robin and I stayed aboard. I talked with my fellow passengers during the delay.

Black Hills Central Railroad 110 was placed on the rear of the train to get it back to Hill City and we all waited.

At 12:27 PM Black Hills Central Railroad 63 arrived in Keystone and once all passengers had returned the train left Keystone.

On the return trip the train took several of the curves.

Here is the end of third rail sign from the narrow gauge days.

The white building is a Sears and Roebuck house kit from 1912.

The steam engine is trailing along the rear of our train.

A deer and her fawn. We returned to Hill City and it had been an interesting trip aboard the Black Hills Central Railroad. We had lunch at the High-Liner Snack Shoppe. We then left Hill City to Keystone over the route we would have chased the steam train had it run another trip which it did not. We got to Keystone then turned onto US 16A.

We drove through this tunnel on the way to Rapid City and our next stop at Storybook Park.

Homestake Mining Company 18 inch gauge 0-4-0 24 is a compressed air locomotive.

South Dakota Cement Plant 0-4-0T

Porter builder plate 4979 built in 1911.

Next we went to Dollar General and I made my first visit to that chain. We all got what we needed. Next we crossed the street to Safeway for food for our two night stay. From here we drove to our next destination.

The Milwaukee Road freighthouse in Rapid City. We then went east to the Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern rail yards and got lucky.

There was a Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern train getting ready to go.

Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern SD-40-2 6431.

Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern SD-40-2 3429.

Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern SD-40-2 6432.

Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern snow plow 1001.

Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern snow plow 1002.

There was another set of Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern power here at Rapid City.

Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern GP-39-2 2087

Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern GP-39-2 2086. From here we drove to Dakota Jct.

Nebraska Northwestern Railroad SD-9 303 at Dakota Jct. We went into Chadron for a post office drop and to pick up some dinner at Subway. From there we drove to the Ponderosa Ranch and put our stuff in the cabin before having dinner on our picnic bench.

A Ponderosa Ranch view.

Our cabin here at the Ponderosa Ranch.

Chris Parker and Robin at the picnic table.

More Ponderosa Ranch views. The owner then came, told us the rules and how to get pictures then took our money for our two night stay here.

Sunset at the Ponderosa Ranch. I started to work on this story but only got as far as putting the pictures into the computer. Once it got dark it was a star festival overhead. I went to bed a very happy person.