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The Drive from Rutland, Vermont to Meredith, New Hampshire 6/21/2015

by Chris Guenzler

Robin and I got up, I put the corrections into the Shelburne Museum story then uploaded all the pictures and text into the Hoosic Junction story. I then loaded the car, took the key back to the front desk and picked up the hotel bill. Robin soon came out with his stuff and we left the Days Inn for good. We took US Highway 7 then turned east on Vermont Highway 103.

The Green Mountain Railroad East Clarendon station.

The ice cream caboose.We continued east until we reached Vermont Highway 131 which we to until we found our first covered bridge of the trip.

The Downers Covered Bridge. We went east on this highway across the Connecticut River into New Hampshire where we were on New Hampshire Highway 11/103.

A diner in Claremont. We stopped at Claremont at Dunkin' Donuts then went to find two railroad covered bridges off Chandler Mill Road.

The Sugar River Railroad Covered Bridge.

Further down this road we saw the second Sugar River Railroad Covered Bridge but could not get a clear picture. We drove into Newport then went north on NH Highway 10 north to Corbin Robin Road and our next stop.

The Corbin Covered Bridge. We drove back to Newport.

The Boston & Maine Newport Station.

Elleyville Bog Road Covered Bridge. Next we went to the Ashland Railroad Museum.

The Ashland Railroad Museum.

The Ashland Station built in 1869 as a passenger station by the Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad.

A wooden caboose at Ashland.

Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad Freighthouse is also in Ashland.

Boston & Maine Box Car 45843.

An Ashland Museum scene. Next we drove to our next covered bridge of the trip.

Keniston Covered Bridge built in 1882.

Also here is the Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad bridge. We continued east on the highway.

The Webster Lake.

The Chance Creek Covered Walkway Bridge.

The railroad culvert at Chance Creek. Next we found the Tilton station

The Merrimack Valley Railroad Station is really the Northfield's Historic Railroad Station. They have many cabooses here.

Delaware & Hudson caboose 36030.

Bangor and Aroostook caboose C-54.

Railroad signal.

Union Pacific caboose 25505.

Delaware & Hudson caboose 35713.

Merrimack Valley caboose 497 Princess.

Lehigh & New England caboose 584.

New York Central caboose 715351.

Maine Central caboose 659.

Unknown caboose.

Boston & Maine caboose 487.

Lionel Lines caboose C75.

Maine Central caboose 642.

CP Rail caboose 434613.

Pullman Granite State 100.

Unnumbered Canadian National caboose.

Bangor and Aroostook caboose C10.

Western Pacific caboose 1819.

Merrimack Valley Railroad Station scene.

Boston & Maine caboose C75.

Bangor & Aroostook caboose C63.

Unknown reefer car. From here we went east to Laconia and gassed up the rental car. Next we took New Hampshire Highway 106 north to our next stop.

The Laconia Boston & Maine station. From here we went north to Meredith and parked at the Winnipesaukee Railroad station.