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Mount Washington Cog Railway 6/22/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We were waiting to board for our trip to the summit of Mt Washington on a very overcast morning.

The train sitting at the Base Station on Mt Washington.

The first switch at the Base Station.

The passengers in our car on the first train with a steam engine of the day.

Our conductor will give us a running commentary as we climb the mountain.

The switch is thrown so we can depart Base Station to the summit of Mt Washington.

We started up the mountain.

The Welcome to Base Station Elevation 2,700 feet rock.

Through the switch we go!

There is support plank 1 under the tracks we will go by 1200 of these.

The train crossed the Ammonoosuc River.

The grade now really starts on our trip to the summit.

I love lupines.

The grade is really steep now!

A plastic moose along our route.

The train will take a slight curve to the right.

Various weather conditions on my unique trip up the mountain.

The forest is really beautiful when you can see it on this trip to the summit.

In and out of the clouds as the train climbs the grade on this mountain

The trees are standing straight but they do not look right because we are on a steep grade.

I am amazed that I am here on the unique railroad after all my years of riding trains.

Two views of different weather on the climb to the summit within minutes of each other.

Straight trees abound on Mt Washington.

The train is nearing Waumbek siding.

The train is approaching Waumbek siding.

The lower switch at Waumbek siding.

The shed at Waumbek siding.

A work train at Waumbek siding.

Waumbek Tank at Elevation 3,800 feet.

The train is running by Waumbek siding.

The train came to the upper switch at Waumbek siding.

It is single track all the way to the summit of Mt Washington.

The train is still climbing through the forest on Mt Washington.

The train ran by the Half Way House Elevation 4,500 feet, so we are half way up to the summit of Mt Washington.

More views of our cloudy climb this morning.

The trees are getting shorter as we climb ever higher.

Interesting rocks as we near the tree line.

If we did not see the numbers along the tracks you would never know you are climbing the grade in the clouds.

The train is about to climb Jacob's Ladder.

The trip up Jacob's Ladder in the heavy rain clouds.

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