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Catskill Mountain Railroad 6/13/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The Catskill Mountain Railroad Kingston Limited

Robin and I drove into the Kingston Plaza and parked. I named pictures while Robin kept an eye out for the train.

The train backed into the station.

Catskill Mountain Railroad Caboose 675.

Catskill Mountain Railroad Open Car 278.

Catskill Mountain Railroad Coach 2940.

Catskill Mountain Railroad Coach 2942.

Catskill Mountain Railroad Open Car.

Catskill Mountain Railroad RS-1 401.

Two views of our train.

We picked up our tickets for our trip. This is a Chuggington Event so this will be interesting.

The train left the Kingston Plaza.

The Chuggington Event was on the baseball diamond in Kingston.

The eyes are always watching.

Robin is enjoying the Chuggington Event on the Catskill Railroad.

The train ran by all the stores in the Kingston Plaza.

More views in Kingston.

Crossing the road we came into Kingston when we got gas this afternoon.

The eyes are always watching.

Interesting plants along our route.

Sometimes I do look up.

We went under the Toll Road we would leave Kingston on later this afternoon.

A bus company yard.

Down at the end of the road.

View of our engineer.

The train crossed Esopus Creek. Finally the views opened up.

The great views happened until the end of the westbound trip.

This is as far as the train ran on this trip. We would now back to the Kingston Plaza.

The Chuggington Event was a fantastic event for the Catskill Railroad. I would like to thank again the Catskill Railroad for having us aboard their two trains this afternoon. Robin and I then drove to Rutland where we checked into the Days Inn for our stay at the 2014 Rutland NRHS Convention.