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A Visit to the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, New Hampshire 6/21/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Since the Hobo Railroad would not start running until next week, when I contacted them, they said we could stop by and see everything on their property and that is what I planned to do today.

The Hobo Railroad Station.

Hobo Railroad S-1 958.

New Haven Railroad RDC Roger Williams 141.

MBTX caboose C-2.

Rutland caboose 51.

Two more views of the unique New Haven Railroad RDC Roger Williams 141.

MRLX ex Amtrak Coach Dorms 39906.

MRLX ex Amtrak Coach Dorms 39907.

Hobo Railroad S-1 958.

Unknown green box car.

Boston & Maine caboose C86.

B&O RDC-2 1960.

Hobo Railroad S-1 1186.

Ex Canadian Pacific RDC1 9060 lettered White Mountain & Atlantic Railroad.

New York Central 2902 Cayuga Lake (ex Penn Central 2902, ex AMTRAK 5642, ex Maine Central 5642).

Hobo Railroad 1001-Deer Park ex DLW, E-L 3562.

Hobo Railroad RDC1 6148 ex-B&M 6148 is the Fairview.

Canadian Pacific caboose 4584.

Canadian Pacific caboose 4617.

Boston & Maine caboose 445.

Hobo Railroad scene.

The Flying Yankee Boston and Maine/Maine Central 6000 is in a tent for protection from the elements,

Hobo Railroad scene.

Hobo Railroad RDC 9154 Mountain Park ex Reading 9154. We then went to the Clark Trading Post to ride the White Mountain Central Railroad.

After an excellent Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train we came back to take pictures of the rest of their equipment.

Down along the tracks we found stored equipment.

Boston & Maine RDC 6168.

Boston & Maine emblem on that RDC.

Unknown Boston & Maine RDC-2. We drove back to the Hobo Railroad grounds.

New Haven Railroad 162 trailer coach of the Roger Williams train set.

A one truck car. This ends our Hobo Railroad visit. Thank you to the Hobo Railroad for letting us visit their railroad today.