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The Essex Steam Train Trip 6/27/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We detrained from the Essex Steam Train and headed to the rear of the train to watch the steam engine.

The steam engine will head to the front of the train for the next trip north.

Valley Railroad GE 80 toner 0901.

Valley Railroad GE 80 toner 0900.

Pennsylvania Railroad caboose 477449. Now we will look at the cars of the Essex Clipper Dinner Train.

Essex Clipper Dinner Train kitchen car Colonial Hearth.

Essex Clipper Dinner Train Pullman Meriden.

Essex Clipper Dinner Train Pullman Wallingford.

Essex Clipper Dinner Train Pullman Dacosta.

Valley Railroad box car 9435.

Valley Railroad 2-8-0 97.

A Valley Railroad tender.

Connecticut Valley Trackside Cafe.

The Essex station

Valley Railroad Hi-Rail Truck.

Unnumbered baggage car.

Erie Railroad box car 86302.

Unnumbered box car.

Valley Railroad Hopper Car W275.

Tank Car ULTX 94460.

Unnumbered box car.

Lehigh & New England Railroad gondola 728.

Valley Railroad 0-6-0T 2. Now we will take pictures of our steam engine New Haven 2-8-2 3025.

New Haven 2-8-2 3025.

A steamroller.

Wedge snowplow.

Unnumbered baggage car.

Connecticut Valley Railroad coach 1001.

Connecticut Valley Railroad coach 1000.

New Haven Railroad flat car 17704.

New Haven Railroad box car 35386.

Unnumbered passenger car.

Unnumbered business car.

The next steam train north is getting ready to leave Essex. We will photograph this event.

The steam engine put on a fantastic show of sight and sound leaving Essex.

On the walk back to the car one more picture of the Essex station. We returned to the rental car and drove over to where more freight cars were parked.

A look at the Valley Railroad.

Maine Central box car 6364.

Unnumbered passenger car.

A caboose under wraps. We would like to thank the Essex Steam Train for having us today. It was a great trip and we had a fantastic time here visiting it. We took CN 9 south to Interstate 95 to East New Haven and our next stop of this trip.