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Conway Scenic Railroad 6/23/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The train is still climbing the grade to reach Crawford Notch.

We left the switch with the Section House and continued the climb up the notch.

The train ran by the P75 milepost sign.

The tracks are straight in this part of the railroad.

Some of the railroad ties that have been replaced.

The train ran by the P76 milepost sign.

Two views of the Saco River.

The train passed through this rock cut.

The train crossed an access road then went by the whistlepost for that road.

The train is still passing many types of New Hampshire trees.

True and straight track.

The train crossed this little brook on the way to the largest curved trestle on this railroad.

The train is approaching that monster trestle. Ha! Ha! not!

The train crossed the Frankenstein Trestle.

The train passed this rock cut right after the Trestle.

Weather conditions can change suddenly on a day with a storm.

The train ran by the P80 milepost sign.

The train ran by many waterfalls on this stormy day.

The short set out track in grade to Crawford Notch.

The clouds returned so you can barely see the end of the short set out track.

The Willey House station foundations.

The train crossed another short trestle.

The train ran by the P81 milepost sign.

A trackside memorial.

A view looking ahead of the train.

The train ran by the P82 milepost sign.

The clouds parted just a moment to reveal a mountain on this normally cloudy raining day.

The view ahead of the train.

The clouds are adding to the beauty of this trip.

Another railroad memorial with little United States of America Flags.

Two views looking back. Next we will head out onto the straight Crawford Notch Trestle.

The train crossed the straight Crawford Notch Trestle.

The train passed another railroad memorial and Mt Willard.

Back into the clouds we must go!

This is surely a lone tree.

Two view of US Highway 302 far below us with a waterfall seen in the first of the pictures.

The train took another curve.

The train crossed another brook as we continued the climb.

The train took another curve.

The train is getting ever closer to Crawford Notch.

This has been a morning full of waterfalls along our route.

The train crossed another one of the many brooks on our route.

A good view one minute.

An interesting cloudy view the next.

The rock cut at Crawford Notch.

US Highway 302 has reached us at Crawford Notch.

The train passed the Gateway Section House.

The very beautiful Crawford Notch.

The train running by the Crawford Notch sidings.

A view to the southwest at Crawford Notch.

The lake at Crawford Notch. The train pulled into Crawford Notch.

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