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Cole Land Transportation Museum 6/24/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

I continued my walk around the Cole Land Museum.

A 1938 Lincoln Model K.

A Lady "B" 1923 Buick.

A 1922 1/2 Packard Coupe.


Gas pumps.

Views in the Military Area of the Cole Land Museum.

HQ1 Jeep.

A Ford Jeep USA 20131751.

The Church Bell.

Weapons of War.

A wagon cart on the Corduroy Road.

A Prairie Schooner.

1932 Ford Four-Cylinder Model B.

A 1914 Studebaker.

A Buckboard Wagon.

An Ox Cart.

A Dairy Wagon.

Ford Model T Dump Truck.

A Dump truck.

An Ice Wagon.

A Wrecker.

A Power Shovel.

A Pelkey Oil Truck.

A Milk Delivery Truck.

A Mack Concrete Mixer.

A Coal Delivery Truck.

Cut A-Way Detroit Diesel.

A concrete mixer.

Cole's Work shop.

A Steamroller.

Cole Express Truck Cabs.

A Diamond T Truck.

Cole Avenue.

Old Memories.

Chain Saws

Saw Blades.

A Tool Truck carrying saw blades.

A Cole Express Dual Tired Truck.

A Roadway Express Model AA Ford Truck.

A Cole Express Federal Tractor.

A Cole Express Tractor and Trailer.

A 1917 AC Cole Delievery Truck.

A Model 29 Federal Tractor.

Bus 1.

Merrill Transport Co. Oil Hauler.

The Modern Military.

A Reo Royal Coupe.

Cole Express 1 Wagon.

Cole Express.

Military Banners.

A Merrill Transport Serviceman.

Major Oil Companies of the Day

The inside of the Cole Family Hall.

Cole Street.

A look down each of the streets at the Cole Land Museum.

This is the last thing I saw in the Cole Land Museum. We must now go outside for one last thing here in Bangor.

The Cole Land Museum Covered Bridge. We would like to thank the Cole Land Museum for having us here today. What a truely fantastic museum this is in Bangor, Maine.

We left Bangor and headed south into Augusta to our next brief stop.

The Capitol Building of the State of Maine. We headed south to Gardiner to our next stop.

The Gardiner Maine Central Station.

The Penobscot River. From here we made our way back to Bath.

The railroad lift bridge in Bath.

The Bath Maine Central station. From here we returned to the Best Western in Freeport and ate dinner at their cafe. I worked on a story before calling it a night.