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Boothbay Railway Village 6/24/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We will contiune our visit of this very interesting stop on our trip in New England.

Next we will see the Model Railroad Museum here at Boothbay Railroad Village.

Views of the Model Railroad at Boothbay Village.

The Thompkin's Filling Station from East Boothbay, Maine. Now we will see the Antique Auto Exhibit at Boothbay Railway Village.

What a great collection of antique autos they have at the Boothbay Railroad Village.

Boothbay Railroad Village views.

A grade crossing signal.

Next we entered the Maine Narrow Gauge Display.

Two foot narrow gauge in Maine display.

Antique Express 4-6-0 4.

A model of a Bangor & Aroostook freight train.

The WW&F RY hand car.

Maps of Maine two foot railroads.

Antique Express 4-6-0 4.

The water tower.

View with the water tower and coal bin.

I walked down the track towards the covered bridge.

The Boothbay Railroad Village Covered Bridge.

South Gardiner Car House.

One Room School House and Village Toy Shop.

Harrington Homestead & Livery Stables.

My views as I finished walking the tracks at Boothbay Railroad Village. If I can not ride a train here I was going to at least walk all the way around the loop of track.

The Duck Pond.

The covered bridge from another angle.

Across the Village Green on a beautiful Maine morning.

Next we will see the Antique Engine Display.

Views inside the Antique Engine Display.

The Boothbay Volunteer Fire Department station.

The Barrel Shop.

Blacksmith Shop.

The one-room school house.

Dingley's General Store.

Farm Equipment Shed.

Stover's Salt and Pepper Shop.

The Boothbay Railroad Museum Truck.

The Spruce Point Chapel built in 1923.

The Boothbay Town Meeting Hall built in 1847.

The Crossing Gate from the old US Highway 1 Bridge in Belfast, Maine on the Belfast & Moosehead Railroad. This ended our tour of Boothbay Railroad Village. A special thank you to Boothbay Railroad Village for having us here today. We left the ground and headed east on US Highway 1.