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Amtraking from Albany to Norfolk via Newport News 6/29/2015

by Chris Guenzler

On my way home from the 2015 NRHS Convention Trip I would be heading south to Norfolk for two nights to ride the Tide Light Rail System there. We got up at 4:00 AM and the taxi was waiting. We had everything ready so Robin and I were taken by taxi to the Albany - Rensselaer railroad station for our train at 5:55 AM. We would take Empire Service train 232 south to New York City then Northeast Regional train 95 south to Newport News then the Thruway Bus across the bay to Norfolk. This would be Part 1 of my trip home from the 2015 NRHS Rutland Convention. We were dropped off, had breakfast then I looked around the station.

The inside of the Albany - Rensselaer railroad station.

The Albany - Rensselaer railroad station on this early Monday morning. I watched the luggage while Robin explored the station. About 5:30 AM we got in the line to board the train. Tickets were checked and we went down to the platform. I boarded and got two seats givning Robin the window seat for his new rail mileage of the day. I then went out to take a few pictures.

Empire Service train 232 for New York City.

The Albany - Rensselaer railroad station platform on a very beautiful early summer morning. Now sit back, relax and enjoy a trip along the Hudson River to New York City. Be on the look out for the unique Banneman Castle in the middle of the Hudson River.

The train has taken us to New York Penn Station. What a beautiful trip it had been on Amtrak Empire Service train 232 this morning. Due to construction we had to take the elevator up into Penn Station and we went to the Amtrak waiting area to wait for our next train. I turned Robin loose for an hour as he wanted to see more of New York City. I watched the luggage and wrote another story because I was so far behind in writing my stories at this point of the trip. Robin returned and I went to Club Acela to check E-mail and other things. I returned and it was time for chaos to take place. We went under the train board and I asked a Red Cap what track Train 95 would be on so we went there to board. They announced we should use the other escalator to get to the train. We were on the wrong side so we tried to get to the right side to go down to the train. When we were almost there, they announced use both escalators. We went back and I made it on the train but no Robin. I put my stuff on two seats and walked the two cars back but still no Robin. I returned to my seat and spotted Robin coming toward me from the other way. Now we both sat down but the train did not move. There was blood on the floor of the next vestibule and it was a Hazmat situation. They cleaned it up and Amtrak train 95 left Penn Station 50 minutes late. Now sit back, relax and enjoy a trip to Newport News.

The train came into Washington, DC and I detrained for a pair of pictures.

At Washington, DC the engine train I took my first pictures ever of the new Amtrak electric engine that had pulled us south to here. After the engine change, we left DC only twenty minutes late. Now onto Richmond Main Street Station.

From here I went to the lounge car and got dinner to go before I relaxed all the way to Newport News. There we detrained for the Thruway Bus to Norfolk.

The train backed up before the bus left and we headed on the 40 minute bus ride to the Norfolk Amtrak station.

To views from that bus ride. We arrived at the Norfolk Amtrak station and then we walked over to the Tide Light Harbor Park Station where we waited for a train to come. We bought our one-way fare and then I heard it before I saw it coming our way.

The view towards downtown Norfolk.

The train pulled into the Harbor Park Light Rail Station and we boarded for the two stop trip to MacArthur Square Station. He we detrained and walked the two blocks to the Tazewell Hotel where we checked in for our two night stay in Norfolk. Now it was time for a good night's sleep.