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Another Amtrak 156 Encounter plus a few other things

by Chris Guenzler

I always keep an eye out checking the Internet for locations on Amtrak Heritage Units. On August 21, 2011 I hosted the Let's Talk Train Show. The next day, Sunday August 22, 2011 I got a Metrolink Weekend Pass and took Metrolink 859 to Oceanside to see some trains. I got off the Metrolink Train and went to the Oceanside Parking Structure to wait for Surfliner 768 to arrive into Oceanside.

Metrolink 859 started heading north to the storage area at East Fallbrook.

Surfliner 768 came into Oceanside.

The Metrolink Bike Car.

Metrolink 859 now heads for daytime storage at East Fallbrook. I walked down the length of the Oceanside Platform when I saw a Sprinter train coming into Oceanside.

The Sprinter arrived into Oceanside. After getting a beverage, I walked through the tunnel to the west side of the tracks to set up for my next Metrolink movement into Oceanside this early afternoon.

My ride home to Santa Ana Metrolink 657 came next into Oceanside. I walked back to the west side platform.

Metrolink 6662 the Del Mar Race Train came into Oceanside.

Metrolink 6662 and 657 both in Oceanside. I boarded Metrolink 657 for my trip to Santa Ana. Now we will jump ahead to Wednesday August 24, 2011. That evening after I had seen Amtrak 156 from Surfliner 567 this morning I went down to Santa Ana and waited for Metrolink 643, the Baseball Train, to take me to Fullerton for another encounter with Amtrak 156.

Metrolink 643 came into Santa Ana and I boarded the Cab Car. We dropped all of the baseball fans off at Anaheim before we headed to Fullerton.

I took this picture on the way to Fullerton where I detrained and crossed the pedestrian bridge to Track 1 to wait for the eastbound Southwest Chief this evening.

Metrolink 707 at Fullerton.

Metrolink 707 heads for Los Angeles.

BNSF 4540 East ran through Fullerton this early evening.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief pulled into Fullerton this evening with Amtrak Heritage Unit 156 on the point.

The Southwest Chief and Metrolink 608 before I heard a loud rumble coming my way.

The Southwest Chief, the BNSF 4391 West and Metrolink 608 all at Fullerton at the same time. From here I walked down to the front end of the Southwest Chief.

The rear of the Amtrak 156.

Another view of the Amtrak 156.

The Southwest Chief at rest at Fullerton.

Another view of the Amtrak 156.

The Southwest Chief is ready to leave Fullerton.

The Southwest Chief leaves Fullerton heading east to Chicago.

My Metrolink Train home on Track 4 at Fullerton.

BNSF 7371 East came next through Fullerton. I recrossed the Pedestrian Bridge and waited for Metrolink 642 to board. Once it did, it was a quick trip back home to Santa Ana.