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The Topock Trip 3/22/2014 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

From the BNSF Bridge we headed into Needles.

BNSF 81 Track Measurement Car.

BNSF 80 Rio Grande Track Measurement Car.

View of both of the BNSF Track Measurement Cars. From here we went to Carl's Junior where I got a Six Dollar Burger to go. The BNSF 5107 West had a major problem this morning and finally left Needles just as we were leaving. We headed to the old station of Java and set up for a picture of him.

BNSF 5107 West at Java. As we watched him climbing we saw an eastbound train coming down the grade towards us.

BNSF 6879 East at Java. We headed back to the paved roads.

BNSF 6926 East at Klinefelter.

BNSF 5107 West climbed the grade towards Bannock.

BNSF 6884 East near Fenner.

BNSF 8032 East at Essex.

BNSF 5107 West at Essex. From here we drove into Cadiz but he beat us there. We then were off into chase mode.

The DMUs west of Bagdad.

BNSF 6997 East as BNSF 5017 climbs the grade near East Siberia.

BNSF 5107 West at East Siberia. From here we headed to the hill just west of Ludlow.

BNSF 8019 East at Ludlow.

BNSF 5107 West at Ludlow. We headed back to Interstate 40 to head home until we saw CP Rail power at Coolwater.

The BNSF power at Coolwater.

CP Rail 9554.

CP Rail 9579. From here Bill drove me back to the Santa Ana train station and I picked up my car and drove home ending another good railfan adventure.