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A Trip to Cajon Pass 2/8/2014 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Bill and I drove from Blu Cut to Sullivans Curve and parked then climbed up onto the rock that overlooks the curve on the south side.

Union Pacific 5380 East was our first train here.

Union Pacific 7269 East was running right behind the first Union Pacific train.

BNSF 6612 West was the first train here on the BNSF mainlines.

BNSF 6758 East came up the grade just as the BNSF 6612 West was finishing up its trip around Sullivans Curve.

Union Pacific 5392 East with DPUs 544 and 8106. This was the third Palmdale Cutoff train this morning. I called Lets Talk Trains at this point of the morning.

Union Pacific 6503 West. The UP was running crazy and heavy this morning.

BNSF 8010 West came through the curve next.

Union Pacific 8678 East, another Palmdale Cutoff train

Union Pacific 6939 West with DPU 6386 and 5751 came through next.

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