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Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad Latrobe Breakfast Special 11/30/2014 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We had just crossed Deer Creek heading to Latrobe.

The train headed through this rock cut.

We then took the next curve on this railroad.

We head through the forest as we climb higher. Our grade has been 1.2% for most of the trip.

There is another curve.

We took this curve and went by this large tree.

We ran with Latrobe Road to our east.

We will pass another large tree along our route.

Running between the trees.

Heading down another section of straight track.

These culverts were replaced so if a bike trail would ever be built along the railroad it could be. A little ballast is also needed here.

Another large oak tree is off to our right.

The area has cut trees that have fallen onto the rails over the years.

Heading through the next cut.

Taking another of the curves on this railroad.

We are passing many oak trees along our route this morning.

Taking another curve. I like the lone tree on the left.

Heading to the next curve and cut.

That tree to the left has a severe lean to it.

Taking a slight curve.

Through the cut and into the curve we go!

Another curve and between the trees we went.

Another curve yields many more trees.

Up the straight track we went.

A slight curve to the left.

Many pine cones we along the tracks at this location.

Another slight curve.

Another slight curve and a little cut.

Up the track we rolled.

A ranch house as we neared Latrobe.

The whistle post for Latrobe Road.

Heading to Latrobe Road.

The van would take any passengers who could not walk down the hill at Latrobe.

We had reached Latrobe.

Our conductor flagged us across Latrobe Road.

One more curve to take before we arrived at Latrobe.

Our stopping point would be by that sign.

Future railroad for me to ride someday? He we detrained.

They helped everyone down the hill. We would walk to the pancake breakfast.

On the way there we went by this 100 year old tractor.

We then had a pancake breakfast. After that I walked back to where the train was parked.

The view from my walk in Latrobe.

My train waiting for the crew to return. They did and we boarded the train before the rains really started up.

Views on the return trip all the way back in the rain.

Soon we had return to the Hampton Station and that ended our trip. It had been a great trip over the new rails for me on the Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad. We thanked our crew and we departed Folsom.

I decided to avoid Sacramento on the way home. We took Placerville Road to White Rock Road west to Grant Line Road that took us to CA 99. That saved us about 40 miles. I called Winston for a weather report and he said we had rain until Merced. We stopped in Turlock for some gas at $2.49 then got out of the storm at Merced. Chris started checking the computer for traffic and Interstate over the Grapevine was nothing but red. We stopped in Madera for an early dinner before heading to Bakersfield where we stopped at Taco Bell for a break. Chris had checked the route via Mojave and it was all green so instead of sitting in traffic for two hours we went over to Mojave on CA 58 to CA 14 stopping at Mojave for a coffee for Chris and he got us Ding Dongs to enjoy. We cruised down CA 14 back to Interstate 5 to LAUPT where I dropped off Chris Parker before I drove home to Santa Ana, ending another great trip.