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To the NRHS 2014 Convention Part 2 6/8/2014

by Chris Guenzler

From Parsons we drove east to Heart of the Heartlands Railroad Museum in Carona.

The Missouri Pacific Carona station.

The Missouri Pacific Boston station.

Wig-wag signal.

SKOL caboose 1716.

Highway crossing flasher with stop sign.

Another type of wig-wag signal.

The wig-wag with the crossing buck signal.

Traditional railroad crossing flasher signal.

Plymouth switcher 0-6-0 3001 built in 1932.

Railroad milepost marker.

SKOL caboose 1716.

Crossing signal with the stop sign.

The semaphore signal.

The Mulberry station sign.

Switch stands.

Missouri Pacific track shed.

Another type of semaphore signal.

The museum's display train.

South East Kansas CF-7 1000.

SFRD 36110.

Missouri Pacific boxcar 780699.

Santa Fe wide-vision caboose 999810.

MKT caboose 103.

Watco caboose 2000.

The end of the display train.

The back of the track car shed.

The Railway Express Agency truck.

The Frisco speeder.

Museum scene.

KCS 0-8-0 1023.

Inside the Carona station.

Inside the museum's buildings, there were many hand-carved wooden trains on display. These were incredible and reminded me of the ones in the Warthers Museum in Dover, Ohio. We thanked the volunteers, including Gordon Garrett, for letting us look around today and we drove to our next stop in Columbus. On the way there the rains began and stayed with us the rest of the way to Neosho.

The Columbus Frisco station.

Frisco caboose 1701 in Columbus.

Three-way interlocking crossing that was once in Columbus. From here we went to Galena.

The MKT Galena station.

The train on display at the Galena Depot Museum.

Whitcomb switcher.

BN caboose 11680. Next I took Bob and Elizabeth to the most unique railroad display in the State of Kansas.

The view of the display train.

Two more views of the display train.

Erie-Lackawanna S-4 315.

Flat car.

Union Pacific caboose unknown number. From here we drove into Joplin, going from our most spectacular find of the day to the most depressing stop of the day.

Joplin Union Station. From here I remembered seeing something on Google Earth at the Main Street crossing so we drove to investigate.

GWAX caboose 1999. From there we drove to our next railroad location.

The last surviving wig-wag signal in the State of Missouri.

The former Missouri Pacific station in Joplin now a restaurant.

The Country Caboose Railroad Museum sign.

Central of New Jersey passenger car 1053.

Santa Fe caboose 999456. From here we drove to Carthage to see the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad.

The former Missouri Pacific Carthage station.

Engines of the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad. From there we drove to the Super 8 in Neosho where I labelled the pictures then got my dinner at KFC and Elizabeth, my good and dear friend, typed the story for me tonight, saving me a night of doing it on this trip. As we did it, we watched Liv and Maddie and at times laughed very heartily. I went to bed at a good early time tonight.