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A Trip aboard the Acoma to San Diego 10/11/2014

by Chris Guenzler

I had talked with Winston and he told me he and Christy would be riding the Acoma this Saturday. I thought about doing that and then used Facebook to contact Bill Hatrick about riding this trip. Bill gave me a good price and I then contacted Winston to set up the plan for Saturday. I would go down to Oceanside and meet them on the Metrolink train at Santa Ana coming north.

Pacific Surfliner 562 came into Santa Ana and I boarded a Superliner Coach for my trip to Oceanside. I talked with LSA Linda Paul and we had a nice talk as we neared Oceanside where I detrained like any other normal Saturday in my life.

Metrolink 601 would take me to LAUPT and a date with the Private Car Acoma. I called Winston to let him know which Metrolink car I was riding in this morning.

The San Clemente Pier on my northbound trip to LAUPT. Winston and Christy boarded in Santa Ana and joined me at my table. The train filled up to standing room only west of Fullerton.

Santa Fe 3751 sits covered at the Redondo Jct turntable in Los Angeles.

Cascade Cabbage Car 90230 at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

Amtrak Genset Switcher 591 at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

PRS National Forum Pullman Sleeper PAR 1207 at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

Amtrak 509 at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety DOTX 221 at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

Surfliner 572 which would take me to San Diego aboard the Acoma. I boarded and paid Bill Hatrick for the cost of the trip today aboard the Acoma. I took a table then helped get Winston and Christy aboard. We sat down at the table and a couple of minutes later we saw the Southwest Chief pull into Los Angeles with something I want more pictures of on the point.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief came into Los Angeles this morning with Amtrak Heritage Unit 184 leading the train.

Amtrak Heritage Unit 184 at Los Angeles.

I returned aboard the Acoma then met the other passengers as they boarded the Acoma. With everyone on board at this point, Pacific Surfliner 572 left LAUPT for San Diego.

American Railroad Explorer California at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

American Railroad Explorer Kansas at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

American Railroad Explorer Silver Peak at the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles.

Views of our group in the Acoma. At Fullerton one of the car's owner as well at Tom Anderson and his mother joined us.

Tom Anderson and his mother aboard the Acoma.

Later our train arrived into my home station of Santa Ana. We ran to Irvine and San Juan Capistrano where we had a problem. The Overland Trail's front trucks left side brakes were smoking and had to be inspected then cut out so we could continue our trip south.

We reached the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

The San Clemente Pier from the Acoma.

Later the fire zone from the fires of last June.

The normal vegetation along the San Onofre Bluffs. We ran to Oceanside and then Solana Beach.

Surfers out in the water along the Del Mar Bluffs.

The train started up the climb of the Miramar Grade. It had been an excellent southbound trip aboard the Acoma and after a stop in Old Town we arrived into San Diego where I detrained. I walked over to the American Plaza Trolley Station and bought my first ever San Diego Tap Card to get a trolley Day Pass. I boarded a Blue Line Trolley which I took to E Street in Chula Vista. On the way there my Day Pass got inspected. I walked over to the Black Angus and had a fantastic steak dinner. I walked back to the Trolley Station, tapped my card and waited for a late running 4:14 Trolley. {Thanks AC Adam for your help!} I took the trolley to San Ysidro, tapped my card again then boarded a northbound trolley back to American Plaza but had one picture I needed to take.

LTEX GP-38 3813 at the San Ysidro Yard.

I had a relaxing trip back to the American Plaza station. I walked back over to the private cars and talked with Doug Spinn and Norm Orfall and talked with these two car owners. Doug had his Pacific Sands down here for the weekend and Norm had his Tioga Pass on the rear of our cars to return to LAUPT tonight. I then boarded the Acoma but soon saw a picture opportunity for a set of unique pictures.

The Acoma in San Diego. Back aboard it was time to shot a San Diego Sunset.

A San Diego Sunset. Future train Pacific Surfliner 591 hooked us up and then position the train for boarding. We left San Diego on time and I relaxed most of the way back tonight. I rode the vestibule from CP Songs all the way along the beach tonight which is always fun to do on a private car. All too soon we had arrived back into Santa Ana and after a double spotting of the train Christy, Winston and detrained. It had been a great trip aboard the private car Acoma on the old Santa Fe Surf Line. I went home, did my mileage book and needed only 19 miles more for my 1,398,000.0 rail miles. I would get that tomorrow morning.