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Hillcrest Farms Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad 3/10/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After riding the train here it was time to catch some pictures of the trains.

Engine 2-6-0 5.

Vertical Boiler Engine.

Redwood Valley Railway 2-4-2 4.

Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railway Diesel 57. Now I would catch the train running by me.

The train ran by me on the northside of the engine house. As the train went through the engine house, I moved to the south end of it.

My Photo Runby south of the Engine House. I then bought a Tri-Tip Sandwich and ate it.

The Garden Railroad here. I walked down the road to catch the train crossing the bridge over the future exit road.

The train crossed the exit road bridge and went back into the station.

After picking up more passengers the train left the station area.

The train then went by me again heading out into the trees.

After the last trip they were going to put away the train.

They decided to keep running so the train went back to the station. Chris and I spoke with the staff before we left this unique railroad. We made a gas stop at Traver and took a break at Fraser Park. Chris and I made it LAUPT where we unloaded the rental car before saying our goodbyes. I drove down Interstate 5 hitting bumper to bumper traffic due to an accident on the other side near the 710 Freeway. From there it moved and I was home by 9:35 PM. This week I start a long term subbing job at Santa Ana Valley High School.