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Tioga Pass to San Diego 6/2/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After passing through Stuart Mesa we came by that Santa Margarita Bridge Project again and shot a few more pictures of it.

The Santa Margarita Bridge Project.

Our train rolled along the Fallbrook siding.

The San Luis Rey River.

Curving into Oceanside. I returned inside the Tioga Pass. Later I returned to the platform as the train was running along the Del Mar Bluffs.

Our last view of the Pacific Ocean .

Heading up Sorrento Valley. Now I will show you the construction project Phase 1 of double tracking Miramar Grade.

Work is moving along nicely on this project. We then climbed the rest of the way up the hill.

There is a new signal bridge at CP Miramar.

The train rolled down Rose Canyon. I returned inside the Tioga Pass. Later I went back outside to see the new crossover project between CP Morena and CP Tecolote.

The new crossover project is moving along.

During our Old Town Stop we saw Girl Scout Troop 144 who walked by AC Adam and I when we got off the Coaster in Oceanside this morning.

From Old Town we ran alongside of the San Diego Trolley and passed a Coaster train heading to Oceanside. We arrived into San Diego on time and after the passengers had all gotten off, our cars were spotted at the south end of the San Diego station.

Pacific Surfliner 582 cut off and then went to be spotted at the station. I showed Chris Parker all of Bart's Trips of my program for the OCRHS Meeting tomorrow night and enjoyed the Tioga Pass until near boarding time for my train home to Santa Ana.

Surliner 582 and Coaster Padre Baseball Train at rest.

The Tioga Pass enjoying a night in San Diego.

Three views of Pacific Surfliner 595 that I boarded for my trip to Santa Ana. I was on line and did Sudoku Puzzles on my trip home. We pulled into Santa Ana right on time.

Pacific Surfliner 595 heads to Los Angeles before I drove home after enjoying a fantastic day of riding trains. A special thank you to Norm Orfall for the trip aboard the Tioga Pass today.