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A Trip to Tehachapi Part 2 2/16/2013

by Chris Guenzler

Our wait was over as we started hearing motive power coming through Tunnel 2.

BNSF 4437 West at Tunnel 2 heading down the grade. Finally The Union Pacific 5372 East started up the grade towards our photo location.

Union Pacific 5372 with the new DPUs 5874 and 5431 climbed the grade to Tunnel 2. After that we relocated back up on the hill above Tunnel 2.

BNSF 5361 East with KCS 4050 climbs up the grade up to Tunnel 2.

BNSF 6849 East climbed up the grade to Tunnel 2. From here we went to Woodford to wait for those two BNSF trains.

BNSF 5361 East with KCS 4050 climbs up the grade at Woodford.

BNSF 6849 East climbed up the grade at Woodford and came to a stop. We moved over to right below the Tehachapi Loop.

Union Pacific 8697 headed down the grade towards Woodford. From here we headed east.

Union Pacific 8697 taken from the moving car as we crossed the track on CA 58 as the train went through Woodford. From here we drove east through the town of Tehachapi then headed our way east almost to Mojave where we stopped for a picture I always wanted to get.

The remaining signal bridge just west of Mojave. We knew the eastbound Union Pacific train should be here in a few minutes.

That signal then came on with a green westbound signal. We looked east and saw a train coming. Now which train would get here first.

BNSF 5195 West arrived first at this signal bridge.

Union Pacific 5372 East at the signal bridge west of Mojave.

Union Pacific 6465 East sitting on the Ansel siding. We stopped at Carl's Jr for a dinner to go and then we raced the UP 5372 East through Lancaster to near Palmdale. We then headed back to Fullerton fighting the traffic on Interstate 5 to drop off Richard before Bill drove me home ending an excellent rail adventure to the Tehachapi Mountains for some train photography today.