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Another Railfanning Trip in San Diego County 11/25/2013

by Chris Guenzler

AC Adam and I decided that we would go on another railfanning trip in San Diego County on Monday, November 25, 2013 before we going Fullerton on Pacific Surfliner 579 to our Train Travel Meetup Group gathering that evening.

A few days before, we had rain and I photographed the trees in autumn colours in the storm light from my front porch. The day of the trip I arose early, drove to the Santa Ana station and parked the car. I bought my Metrolink ticket to Oceanside, the first of two trains to get me to Old Town. Metrolink 603 arrived and I boarded the bicycle car for my trip to Oceanside.

The ocean was pretty calm this morning near San Clemente.

The two sides of San Clemente Pier. The train proceeded to Oceanside and I bought my Coaster ticket to Old Town then boarded the cab car on Coaster 638 and had a quick trip, where I detrained. I went under the main line and came to the parking lot where AC Adam picked me up and we headed north to Interstate 5, California 52 and Interstate 805 to Mira Mesa Boulevard, on which we made our way to Nancy Ridge Drive, went up the hill and parked. I walked back down the road for a clear view of the railroad.

First an airplane flew overhead and next I heard a train coming down the grade.

Pacific Surfliner 567 heads north to Los Angeles this morning. From here we drove over to Cardiff-by-the-Sea and set up along San Elijo Avenue to wait for a few more trains.

Pacific Surfliner 564 heads south to San Diego.

Next the track inspector came down the siding then stopped at the new CP Cardiff.

Coaster 644 heads for San Diego.

Pacific Surfliner 769 heading north to Goleta. From here we drove north to Avenida Encinas and parked on Ponto Road then walked out on the Avenida Encinas bridge.

Coaster 639 at Ponto heading north to Oceanside.

Pacific Surfliner 566 heading to San Diego.

Coaster 648 at the Aqua Hedionda Lagoon heading to San Diego. Next we went to the old Highway 101 bridge in Carlsbad Village.

Pacific Surfliner 573 made its Coaster stop at Carlsbad Village.

Pacific Surfliner 573 would now head north to Los Angeles.

Pacific Surfliner 573 met Pacific Surfliner 768 at CP Longboard.

Pacific Surfliner 768 on its way to San Diego. We then drove to south Oceanside and reached the next new photo location.

Pacific Surfliner 777 heading to San Luis Obispo. From here we went to a ledge above Buccaneer Park to wait for Pacific Surfliner 572.

Pacific Surfliner 572 heading south to San Diego. It was then on to the Oceanside Transportation Center where AC Adam bought his tickets to Fullerton and back, then we went to Burger King for a late lunch, after which we walked over to Track 2 to wait for Surfliner 579.

First, Pacific Surfliner 774 heading to San Diego arrived and departed.

Next Coaster 654 arrived and would leave for San Diego at 2:32 PM.

Pacific Surfliner 579 came in just as Coaster 654 left. We boarded the Superliner coach for the trip to Fullerton.

With the new bridge across the Santa Margarita River finished with one track for now, the old truss bridge has had its rails taken up and the bridge itself would be be removed. It was a quick trip to Fullerton and we detrained to wait for Winston and Christy Walker to arrive which they did a few minutes late, then joined AC and I on the platform.

Here we are before the Train Travel Meetup Group gathering in Fullerton as we railfan here.

BNSF 7483 West.

Metrolink 602 for Oceanside was next.

Metrolink 686 for Irvine.

Pacific Surfliner 582 bound for San Diego was our last train here today. We walked over to Knowlwood's for the gathering.

Our group at Knowlwood's. Winston drove me back to the Santa Ana station before I drove home. A special thank you to AC Adam for an excellent day photographing trains in San Diego County.