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The ride behind Santa Fe 3751 Part 2 4/28/2013

by Chris Guenzler

I woke up on Sunday morning not feeling all the great but nothing was going to stop me today. I fixed breakfast before driving down to the Santa Ana station where I parked the car. I walked over to Track 1 and called Winston Walker to proof my part 1 of this story today while I was gone. Soon the gates went down and I was ready with my camera.

Pacific Surfliner 763 came into Santa Ana and I boarded the cab car being welcomed by Conductor CJ who after I sat down in the Superliner Coach she scanned my ticket for my trip to LAUPT this morning.

My joint Metrolink/Steam train ticket for today's trip from San Bernardino to LAUPT in the Acoma.

On one of the turntable leads Amtrak Heritage Unit 822 in town for use on the Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train that will be at Fullerton Railroad Days next weekend.

Also hanging around Los Angeles is Amtrak Heritage Unit 184.We arrived into LAUPT on time and I said my goodbye to CJ. I walked around the end of the tracks to my waiting Metrolink train to San Bernardino.

Metrolink 354 for San Bernardino. I boarded but found no Bob Alkire. I called him and he was visiting with CJ. Bob soon appeared and our train left on time.

Bob Alkire on Metrolink 354 this morning. Dave Smetko called me and learning that if I could be in Homewood on Friday before the Bart Jennings Rare mileage trips made me an offer but would have to wait to see if his boss would allow it. That then caused Bob and I to change pick plans for our trip for me to pick up Elizabeth at Midway. We had a good trip aboard Metrolink.

Engine 13322 at San Bernardino.

BNSF power at San Bernardino.

A Metrolink Bike Car at San Bernardino. We arrived into San Bernardino.

The Santa Fe 3751 was on display here.

BNSF 7107 was on display.

BNSF 1310 was on display. We next toured the train.

My old friend, the Pony Express. Next I got my first look at the inside of the Acoma, the car I would be riding back behind Santa Fe 3751 this afternoon. The Acoma was built for the Santa Fe in late 1936 by Budd for the new streamlined Santa Fe Super Chief. This all new. extra-fare sleeper car train went into revenue service on May 18, 1937 on a once a week round-trip between Chicago and Los Angeles. As built it was a Lounge/Dormitory/Barber shop car. The Super Chief was the train of the Hollywood Stars and the rich and famous. The car was purchased in 1995 by John Bond and Ronald Ashcraft of Albuquerque {Southwest Rail Car LLC} who have continued to restore and preserve this car. Now let us look at this car as I do for my first time.

Views inside the Acoma.

The next car was the Overland Trail.

Bob Alkire getting his dream fulfilled with a haircut aboard the barber shop on the Overland Trail.

Bill Hattrick, owner of the Overland Trail.

Two of Bill's cute helpers aboard the Overland Trail.

Bob's haircut is almost completed. I visited with Norm Orfall, owner of the Tioga Pass.

Metrolink's new "Stay Alert Stay Alive, Stay off the Tracks" car.

BNSF 7506 West came through San Bernardino.

Inside the Tioga Pass.

There was a pack of Cub Scouts with these people being their leaders.

People were enjoying the cabs of all the locomotives.

The BNSF Police had one of their vehicles on display here today.

Cliff Prather was at the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society table.

Two views of Santa Fe 3751.

A Metrolink view.

The food sellers were out in front of the San Bernardino station. I enjoyed a hot dog and Coca-Cola.

As usual the Fire Engines were on display.

A baggage cart was on display. From here I walked out onto the Mount Vernon bridge.

Three views from the Mount Vernon bridge.

Metrolink 361 leaves San Bernardino.

The Slip Switch at the west end of the San Bernardino Metrolink station.

Metrolink 361 heads for Los Angeles.

This was the former location of the Santa Fe Railroad San Bernardino Shop complex now just another container yard.

Another San Bernardino station view.

BNSF 5515 West came through San Bernardino. I went down trackside for my next pictures.

Unique writings on the rails.

BNSF 7412 East came through San Bernardino.

Metrolink 359 arrives into San Bernardino. I walked back to the Santa Fe 3751 steam train. At 2:05 PM I boarded the Acoma for the trip behind the Santa Fe 3751 to Los Angeles.

View in the Acoma.

I went back to the Overland Trail for a Coca-Cola which I enjoyed on this tray in the Acoma with the Santa Fe Emblem at the base. At 3:00 PM the Santa Fe 3751 left San Bernardino.

A few minutes later we started up the flyover across the BNSF mainlines.


The Santa Fe 3751 came off the flyover and was on its way to Los Angeles.

Me enjoying the ride in the Acoma. We met one Metrolink Train at CP Locust then ran all the way to El Monte where we held the mainline for twenty minutes as we waited for Metrolink 366. Once he cleared we went up over El Monte and into the middle of the San Bernardino Freeway. I spotted Chris Parker on the pedestrian bridge we had shot the steam train on yesterday.

We crossed the Los Angeles River but came to a stop.

Metrolink 664 which would have been my ride home if we would not have been held in El Monte. We arrived into LAUPT and I walked over to get my post arrival pictures.

Santa Fe 3751 and train at rest.

Santa Fe 3751 after another great trip behind her.

I walked over to Pacific Surfliner 784 to take me home to Santa Ana. I said my goodbye to Bob Alkire and we left LAUPT on time and I detrained at Santa Ana on time ending two great days of the Santa Fe 3751.