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Rochelle Railroad Park Part 2 5/17/2013

by Chris Guenzler

I drove into Rochelle Railroad Park, parked the rental car before I got the computer and set up at the viewing platform. It did not take long for the first train to arrive in Rochelle.

BNSF UP 5609 East went through Rochelle.

Union Pacific 7335 East with a coal train.

W. F. Hall Printing Company 5.

The Rochelle Railroad Park Viewing Platform.

BNSF 2325 with a local came through Rochelle next.

Union Pacific 5713 came through Rochelle.

That was followed by the Union Pacific 8416 came through Rochelle.

The BNSF local came back east through Rochelle.

BNSF track inspector came through Rochelle heading west.

Union Pacific 4312 West came through Rochelle.

Northwestern 582.

Next came Union Pacific 4302 West through Rochelle.

There is also a Whitcomb switcher 3 on display here in Rochelle.

Milwaukee Road Caboose 992083.

Union Pacific 5777 West came through Rochelle next.

Rochelle Railroad Park views.

BNSF 6660 East came through Rochelle.

NS 8010 West was my last train through Rochelle Railroad Park. Trained out I drove north tro Rockford to the Red Roof Inn and checked in. I went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner then worked on stories the rest of the evening.

5/18/2013 I got up at the Red Roof Inn in Rockford and had to walk over to Burger King for a very good Pancakes and sausage breakfast. I worked on making trip pages and numbering pictures until 10:30 AM when I checked out and drove the I 90 Tollway back to the Chicago-O'Hare Airport exit and then gassed up the rental car before I returned it before noon. I was shuttled over to the Terminal 1 and used the United Kiosk to print my boarding pass. The United people made me put my computer bag into my back pack under the two bag rule. I went through security with no problems then made my way to Gate C 20 where I called Let's Talk Trains. It felt funny calling from an airport instead of a train station. I made a Rochelle page for that story before I did Sudoku puzzles until my boarding time. I was boarded early onto the plane and had a good flight home with the movie shown being the Great and Powerful Oz. My mother picked me up at the airport and it was sure good to be home.