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NASCAR Express 2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Vineyards on the high ground.

Water on all the low ground.

Two more views as we close in on Schellville.

Trains cars across the valley and we will be running by them in a few minutes.

The northeast leg of the wye at Schellville. Here we switch to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad for the rest of the trip to Sears Point and the Sonoma Raceway.

Northwestern Pacific 1922.

Northwestern Pacific 2009 with a sign that reads "Welcome to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad.

The Shellville Station building.

There is an A&B F unit set here at Shellville.

The train crossed another unnamed slough.

The ghost town of Wingo.

Something covered for protection.

A view looking southeast.

I think I see where we are going to end up on this trip.

We all got our first look at the Sonoma Raceway our destination for today's train ride.

The train arrived at the Sear Point Sonoma Raceway and we exited the train to walk over to the highway where the California Highway Patrol would stop the traffic so we could cross the highway.

Our train would be waiting here until after the race is over.

We walked up the main entrance road a little way and made a left to the waiting shuttle buses. These buses took us to the main grand stands where all our seats were.

There are plenty of activities to do at a NASCAR Race. I went up the grand stand stairs then walked down to my assigned seat. I did not take long for them to do something to spark my interest.

Views of the Patriots Jet Team performing for the crowd before the race today at the Sonoma Raceway.

It was too windy for the motorcycle jumpers to perform.

They introduced all of the race drivers and here is Danica Patrick.

The prerace activities took place in front of the main grand stand.

The Color Guard presented the United States Flag. Then we had the Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation, the Star-Spangled Banner was sung and there was an aerial salute.

One last view of the Patriots Jet Team. Next it was drivers start your engines. The track is 1.9 miles and has 11 turns each driver will face as he runs the race down this track at the Sonoma Raceway.

The drivers head out to the race track for their warm up laps.

Warming up these NASCAR racing cars.

This Car 52 driven by Paulie Harraka hit another car on pit road and had to come back into the pit to work on keeping his hood down. This car did finish the race with much less body on his car.

He managed to get his car back onto the track for the rest of the warm ups.

Still warming up these unique racing machines.

The race cars warm up in two groups with a pace car leading them.

A few rain drops and the accident on pit road caused a few more warm up laps to take place.

Car 52 is back in the pit working on his hood again.

Coming back down the rear straight away.

The second group came by the main grand stand.

The green flag is out now let us start the race.

And they are off and racing.

Coming out of the "S" curves onto the back straight away.

Still on the first lap.

One lap of the 110 laps has now been completed, 109 more to go. if you ever come to a NASCAR race make sure you have ear protection as these car engines are very loud.

Car 10 was driven by Danica Patrick and Car 35 is driven by Josh Wise.

Car 78 was driven by Kurt Busch.

Car 9 was driven by Marcos Ambrose.

Car 1 was driven by Jamie McMurray.

Car 15 was driven by Clint Bowyer.

An early wreck caused some drivers to come in on the yellow flag to their pits for fuel and tires.

Car 78 was driven by Kurt Busch and Car 9 was driven by Marcos Ambrose.

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