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A visit to Porter, Indiana 5/12/2013 National Train Day

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth Alkire met me at the rental car and after we got breakfast at MacDonald's we headed to Porter but made a stop in Chesterton when we saw a station with a National Train Day event being set up.

Across the Norfolk Southern Mainline are two passenger cars part of a failed restaurant.

The New York Central Chesterton train station. From here we drove west to Porter and parked the rental car at the grade crossing and it did not take long for our first train of the day.

Norfolk Southern 9196 East was the first train of the morning.

Norfolk Southern 8348 West came through next.

Views both ways at Porter.

Norfolk Southern 8503 West went through Porter.

Amtrak 29, the Capitol Limited, next came through Porter this morning.

Norfolk Southern 2761 East came through Porter.

The beginning of the Amtrak Michigan Line.

Amtrak 350, the Wolverine, heads to Pontiac, Michigan.

The sun kept trying to pop out this cloudy morning at Porter.

Norfolk Southern 1059 West came through Porter.

Norfolk Southern 8089 West came through Porter. From here we drove to our next stop of the trip at the Hesston Steam Museum.