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Union Pacific 4014 and 9000 Night Photo Session at the Rail Giant Museum 8/17/2013

Plus the trip to see the Vista Santa Fe Station

by Chris Guenzler

I signed up for the Union Pacific 4014 and 9000 Night Photo Session at the Rail Giant Museum on the day it came out on which was July 30, 2013. I called Chris Parker and he also got a ticket for it. Jump forward to Thursday August 15 for some reason I checked the surviving Santa Fe Station web site and realized that I had yet to take pictures of the Vista Santa Fe Station. I checked Mapquest for the depot location and verified it on Google Earth. So my usual Saturday morning train I like to do could be slightly changed with a trip on the Sprinter to the Vista Transit Station stop. I got up on Saturday morning August 17, 2013 and headed down to the Santa Ana station. I stopped at the Metrolink machine to get my Saturday Weekend Pass before I walked out to the platform to wait for my first train of the day.

Pacific Surfliner 562 came into Santa Ana and I boarded taking my usual seat in the Superliner coach for my trip to Oceanside. It was the usual trip with the weekend pier stop included on this trip. I enjoyed a Coca-Cola as we traveled south along the beach on a cloudy morning. I arrived into Oceanside and detrained first stopping at the Coke Machine then I made my way to the Sprinter ticket machine and got a paper Regional Day Pass for $ 5.00. I walked over to set up for a picture of my next train.

The Sprinter came into Oceanside for an 8:33 AM departure for Escondido and I started walked towards it.

The Sprinter and Coaster in this view. I boarded the Sprinter and picked up a schedule. That changed my plan. As we were at this point running on an hourly schedule I would take this train all the way to Escondido then go back to the Vista Transit Center. Then when I was done taking my pictures, the Sprinter would be on the 30 minute schedule giving me 30 minutes to get my pictures taken. I had an enjoyable trip to Escondido and had a good trip back to Vista. As I got off, I called Let's Talk Trains as I started my walk. New rule because I did this is always look around before you start walking. I did get to the Santa Fe Vista Station but I took a little longer because I did not look around.

The Vista Santa Fe Station on Washington Street one block north of the Vista Transit Station. I returned to the Vista Transit Station, enjoyed a little Coca-Cola before I boarded the Sprinter back to Oceanside.

Once back in Oceanside my Metrolink train came into Oceanside by a parked Coaster train waiting to leave for San Diego.

Metrolink 665 took me home to Santa Ana. I got checked twice for tickets once by the Black Shirted Security Guard out of Oceanside as he was getting his count and then by the LA County Sheriffs after we left Irvine. I detrained and went home then listened to Lets Talk Trains and started this story. Later Chris Parker was to arrive at my house but he ran late on a job and would meet me there at the event. I drove having to fight bumper to bumper traffic on the 57 Freeway from Katella to Chapman Avenue in Placentia to the Rail Giants Museum at the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona. Once there I checked in and could walk the grounds meeting many old friends as I did that.

Union Pacific 4014 and 9000 Night Photo Session at the Rail Giant Museum

The Santa Fe 4-6-4 3450.

United States Potash Company Carlsbad New Mexico 2-8-0 3.

Southern Pacific 4-10-2 5021.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4014, the reason we all were here tonight.

The Union Pacific 4-12-2 9000, our other photo target of this evening.

Outer Harbor Terminal Railway Company 0-6-0 2 is under restoration.

Three views of the Fruit Growers Supply Company Climax 3.

Union Pacific DD40X 6915. Now we would wait for darkness to take over this evening.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 which the Union Pacific has bought and will be first moved in October to West Colton then on to Cheyenne to be restored to service. I picked my first spot to start taking my pictures tonight.

Three views of the world's largest steam engine, the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014.

The asphalt surface was hosed down to cut down on reflection once the flashes would start to be used.

Between shots you think about this engine coming at you down the rails in the future. The smoking effects were started.

The first of the flash shots of the night.

One more picture here before I relocated for another angle of this great and mighty steam engine. Now the pictures I took from this location.

With these pictures taken Sam was then added into the pictures to give the effect of a railroader working with his engine and crew.

First a flash shot of Sam on the foot board of the Union Pacific 4014.

Sam on the foot boards of the Union Pacific 4014.

Sam inspecting the running gear of the Union Pacific 4014. After this last shot of the Union Pacific 4014 it was time to switch the lights over to the Union Pacific 9000.

The Union Pacific 9000 waited for the lighting to be set up, a car to be moved and the asphalt surface to be hosed down. Good conversations were had while we all waited.

The asphalt surface was hosed down.

A few non flash shots were taken as the smoke effects were started on the Union Pacific 9000.

Sam was back in my my first flash shot of the Union Pacific 9000.

Sam checking the running gear of the Union Pacific 9000.

Sam swings his lantern in this next picture.

Another flash shot of the Union Pacific 9000.

Sam swings his lantern in these pictures.

Another flash shot.

Sam swings his lantern in these pictures.

Three more flash shots of the Union Pacific 9000. I relocated for my final pictures of the night.

My last two shots of this night. I thanked the members before I drove home a very happy photographer on this night. The Union Pacific 4014 and 9000 Night Photo Session at the Rail Giant Museum was a great success.