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NRHS 2013 Convention Alaska RR 557 Project and The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry 9/22/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

ARR Box Car 1560E.

ARR Box Car 8019.

USAF GE 65-toner 1604.

ARR MRS1 1718.

ARR Speeder G 1203.

USAF S-12 1841.

USAF S-12 1842.

US Army tender 0034.

Here came the speeder and guess who was riding it? Bart Jennings.

Tractors and trucks.

Fire truck.

US Navy HSL 33 22.

Fairchild C-123.

Coast Guard NIOIZ.

You quess what this is?

Chitina Auto Railer. I rode this around the parking area.

A posed picture. From here I went inside the museum building.

Views inside the museum building.

Police car and a truck.

US Air Force plane.

Air Force Fighter plane.

F-102 Delta Dagger.

H-21 Helicopter Workhorse.

Your guess is a good as mine.

US Marine Helicopter.

Museum scene.

Fire trucks.

Tractors undercover.

Cars and trucks.

Bus 532.

An ambulance.

Boats undercover.

They have all kinds of trucks.

Here is an old car.

Another view of the Whitney Section House.

A car and a truck.

Two trucks.

Snowmobiles are undercover among other things.


Do not ask me what this is?

More tractors.

More tractors and a car undercover.

Museum scene.

More things undercover.

A snow cat.

Museum scenes.

Ford Truck.

Museum scene.

ARR Crane LC-56.

ARR Spreader 6.

US Army Alaska Railroad GE 45-toner.

Cars for sale. I went inside at 11:00 AM for lunch.

Views of the Chitina Auto Railer. With that I talked with the bus driver before it was time to load the bus. I had them make two lines one for people having early flights this afternoon and the others for those who would be leaving later. I loaded the early flight first then the others.

Once we had a nearly full load we drove back to Anchorage through the rain but it was dry when we returned to the Hilton Hotel. From here I walked nine blocks up E Street to find the steam engine on display on 9th and E Street.

Alaska Railroad 2-8-0 556 on display in Anchorage.

The sign for the Alaska Railroad 2-8-0 556.

An outdoor hockey rink waiting for winter. I returned to the Hilton and got my computer out of storage and did the pictures for this story. I met Robin and we walked over to the monument for two last pictues in Alaska.

My last views from Alaska. We walked back to Hilton where I got my bags out of storage then lost Robin so I walked back to the Guesthouse Inn and Suites. I worked on the story in the lounge until Robin and I went to have dinner. We relaxed before I put the corrections into the story then I posted it on my web site and Robin and I took the shuttle to the airport then went to Security. We waited for our flights.

9/23/2013 I had Flight 94 to Seattle and then Flight 524 to Santa Ana. Winston Walker picked me up and took me home ending the best NRHS 2013 Convention I have ever been to yet.