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The Drive to Jefferson Ohio 5/14/2013

by Chris Guenzler

I was now solo for the reminder of the trip. I left Romulus, Michigan at 5:40 AM and made my way down to Ohio Highway 20 which I took east. I stopped for gas and a Big Mac breakfast before I made my way to Bellevue and an early morning return to the Mad River and NKP Museum. I had used Google Earth and located some of their other equipment which I did not see on my last visit here.

The Mad River and NKP Museum

NYC E8A 4068.

CB&Q 4714 Silver Dome.

Outside braced box car.

RPCX Baggage Car 3939.

Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus Blue Unit 177.

New York Central Lebanon Valley.

Amtrak Bi-Level Coach 9619.

Southern Railway Crane 903010. I left here and parked near the new equipment I had not taken pictures of because it was not on display on my last visit.

The France Stone Switcher.

Great Northern Passenger Car.

Erie Lackawanna Electric Commuter Car.

Sea Island Beach 3226.

Cargill Michigan Division 864.

New York Central Baggage Car 9110.

NYC Snowplow 665.

New York Central System Freight House.

A refrigerator car.

Norfolk and Western Baggage 1376.

CNW RSD-5 1689.

Pullman Sleeper Donizetti.

Pennsylvania Railroad Atlas Car 2.

N&W Caboose 557988.

NS 920494.

C&O Caboose C2424.

Southern 930 Crane Car and N&W Crane.

NW SD9 52, Ex-NKP 349. Now I walked over to the museum I saw before and shot through the fences this early wet morning in Ohio,

Wabash F7A 671.

Milwaukee Road Fairbanks-Morse Switch Engine 740.

NKP RSD-12 329.

NKP GP30 Diesel 900.

B&O Alco SA 9096. I heard a horn and walked over to the grade crossing.

NS 8383 East going through Bellevue, Ohio.

Bellevue Tower. I returned to the car and headed east down the highway.

In Monroeville, Ohio I found this critter at a grain elevator.

I pulled off the highway west of Wellington at the Lorain and West Virginia Railway.

Lorain and West Virginia Railway E unit 101.

The head of the train.

Lorain and West Virginia Railway 2919.

Lorain and West Virginia Railway 2938.

Lorain and West Virginia Railway 2932 and Caboose.

Lorain and West Virginia Railway Station in Wellington, Ohio. When I crossed the CSX tracks in Wellington I saw a train that stopped for a red signal west of town.

CSX 6071 West just sat there, but I had to move on. I took Ohio Highway 58 back to US 20 East which took me to Interstate 71 which got me on Interstate 90 which took me through Cleveland. East of there I saw a CSX train with pure CSX motive power so I took Ohio 2 east to Willowick and found a grade crossing and set up for pictures.

CSX 5221 East at Willowick, Ohio. From here I took Ohio 2 east to Ohio 44 South back to Interstate 90 to Exit 218 and stopped at Wing Thing to get some wings to go. It was then east one exit and took the road into Jefferson, Ohio where I parked for the last of Bart Jennings rare mileage trips.