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La Plata and the trip home Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

7/25/2013 I got up at the Depot Inn and Suites then got in the rental car going to Brookfield to get Hot Cakes and Sausage to go. I drove through Sumner, Hale and Bosworth before going out to the second old bridge west of Bosworth. I had my breakfast there then called Chris Parker. As we were talking, you guessed it, I heard a horn to the west and soon the train came into view.

BNSF 7883 East on a stack train.

BNSF 5674 West on a general manifest train.

BNSF 9142 West with a pure gondola train.

BNSF 5271 West on a grain train.

Amtrak's Southwest Train 4 heading to La Plata and Chicago. Being 37 minutes late now but it arrived into Chicago 33 minutes late. From here I left the bridge and drove east through Bosworth, Triplett and Mendon and at the Missouri Highway Bridge 11 over the BNSF mainline I saw a headlight, parked and ran back to the bridge to get my pictures.

BNSF 6812 West with a stack train. I left here and turned right onto County Route E through Rothville to Route JJ which I took to the grade crossing which was a new photo location for me.

BNSF 6146 West with solid covered hopper train.

BNSF 7077 East on an intermodal train. From here I drove into Marceline.

BNSF 7135 West on a general manifest train. An eastbound BNSF train came into view.

BNSF 6773 East on a stack train. From here I drove over to the signal bridge just west of Bucklin,

I shot a picture but alas no train here. My next stop was the fourth old bridge west of Ethel.

BNSF 7445 East on a stack train. From here returned to La Plata and it was good I knew of another way back from Elmer since the BNSF had that crossing closed. I checked in with Shivam at Trainparty and then returned with my computer so Shivam could try to fix it. He cleared off all the bad programs but my DVD port was dead. His suggestion was to get an external DVD writer and then it should work. I talked to Bob Cox about the Lookout Point and what I thought needed to be done to it. I returned to the hotel and worked on stories. At 4:30 PM I drove to Colton's Steakhouse in Kirksville for a real steak then went to Walmart for the CD writer and a new CD of music. I returned to La Plata, worked on stories then took the golf cart out to the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point to see the westbound Southwest Chief come into town.

BNSF 4773 East on a general manifest train.

Amtrak's westbound Southwest Chief Train 3 came into La Plata. I returned to the Depot Inn & Suites for the night.

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