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Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum Trips 5/11/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Our 1:30 PM Trip

The train was ready to pull a 1:30 PM trip.

The inside of the North Judson Station. Due to the cold and windy weather Elizabeth and I decided to ride the 1:30 PM train and enjoy the regular train. I bought us tickets and we boarded riding in the open car.

Bart Jennings watches us leave North Judson at 1:30 PM.

We ran by Grasselli Tower on the way out of North Judson.

The trees were in bloom.

Views of the open car.

Our route ran along a local road.

The grade across the road to the south is where the old Pennsylvania Railroad grade once was.

Stone milepost 214.

The fields are plowed for planting.

These horses did not pay any attention to our train going by.

Concrete whistlepost.

More fields.

A look forward.

Views looking to our south.

An Indiana farm.

It was a dark afternoon here in Indiana.

More blooms on these plants.

We have a flagman that protects all of the crossings along our route.

Looking down a pair of Indiana roads.

Looking out into "The Bottoms".

More of that fantastic Indiana countryside.

Down at the end of the road.

More fields along our route.

An old Pennsylvania Railroad grain silo.

More fields.

Looking forward.

The old Railroad Hotel out in the woods here.

The old Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge across the Kankakee River.

Our train crossed the Kankakee River.

The old Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge across the Kankakee River.

The Kankakee River.

Our train ran to the 218 milepost before we headed back to North Judson.

The Kankakee River on the way back.

Our ticket for this trip.

Elizabeth got a flower from the crew for Mother's Day and really enjoyed her trip on the 1:30 PM Hoosier Valley Museum Train.

We soon returned to North Judson.

Here we were greeted to a photo line of our special train passengers. We returned to North Judson and Elizabeth stayed on the train as I needed a restroom.

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