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Fullerton Railroad Days 2013

by Chris Guenzler

After another good week of subbing at Spurgeon Intermediate, I went down to the Santa Ana train station and parked in the shelter of the parking structure on a very hot early May Day. I went across the Pedestrian Bridge and bought a Orange County Day Pass for today and a Metrolink weekend pass for the resat of the wekend.

On the way there Metrolink 811 left Santa Ana for San Juan Capistrano. I waited for Pacific Surfliner 573 to arrive which it did on time. That took me on a quick trip up to Fullerton where I detrained and went up on the Pedestrian Bridge.

Both Pacific Surfliners 573 and 774 were in the station at Fullerton.

Pacific Surfliner 774 left for San Diego.

Pacific Surfliner 573 left Fullerton for Los Angeles.

The reason I came here was the Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train that would play a part in Fullerton Railroad Days 2013. I walked down to Platform 4 to start my picture taking.

The Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train at Fullerton.

Amtrak P40 822.

Former Amtrak F40ph 406.

A view of both of the Amtrak heritage units.

Pacific Bend Sleeper 10020.

Display Car 10093. Sometimes BNSF freight trains can sneak into Fullerton with no warning. Below is one of those times.

The unknown BNSF westbound came through Fullerton.


Metrolink 704 for Riverside came and went through Fullerton. I walked over to the grounds of Fullerton Railroad Days as they were in set up mode.

BNSF 7118 was on display this year at Fullerton Railroad Days.

Disneyland 2-4-0 Ernest S. Marsh 4 was on display.

A steam engine cut out was also on display. I walked back over the bridge for my train for home.

I boarded Metrolink 634 for Santa Ana.

One last look at Amtrak 822 before I headed home.

Fullerton Railroad Days 5/4/2013.

I drove down to the Santa Ana train station and spotted Winston and Christy Walker over on a bench at Track 1. I walked over to them and soon Pacific Surfliner 763 came into Santa Ana but did a bad spot putting the door in the depression so that the ramp for Winston could not be used. I boarded the Cab Car and our counductor walked the Walkers back to the lower level of the Superliner. It was a quick trip to Fullerton and soon I was reunited with the Walkers and we walked into Fullerton Railroad Days. I set up my computer to do Let's Talk Trains at 10:00 AM before I would walk the grounds getting my pictures of Fullerton Railroad Days 2013.

Jackie Hadnot's latest wood craving was on display at the American Passenger Rail Heritage Booth. Jackie was on California Gold being interviewed by Huell Howser on the California's Gold Television. His work is also in the Silver Rails Gallery in La Plata. This work will be displayed next Saturday at National Train Day in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Live Steamers.

Carolwood Foundation.

Steve Grande at the American Passenger Rail Heritage Booth where I did Let's Talk Trains this morning.

Niles Gift Shop.

Sparky The Train with a Brain.

Milepost 38.

Orange Empire Railway Museum.

Imagination Depot.

Rail Giants Train Museum.

Daylight Sales.

A Garden Railway.

Fillmore & Western Railroad.

The other Garden Railway.

Pacific Southwest Railway Museum.

Rail Passengers Association of California and Southern California Transit Advocates.

Santa Fe 3751.

Signal Team.

BNSF Police.

Amtrak with 40th Anniversay Train merchandise.

Del Oro Pacific Modular Railroaders.

TTOS Southwest Division.

Southern California Lego Train Club.

ZoCal The Southern California Z Scale Modeler Railway.

Pacific Coast Modular Club.

Orange County Tinplate Trackers.

NTrak Express.

Train Collectors Association Western Division.

Standard Gauge Trains.

Brian Stairs.

Orange County 'N'gineers.

Orange County Modular Railroaders.

Fullerton Railway Plaza Model Railroad.

Fullerton Railway Plaza.


The Orange County Register.

Walt's Trains.

The American Legion Fullerton Post 142.

I have returned to the American Passenger Rail Heritage Booth. From 10-12 I hosted Let's Talk Trains. We had a good show which included two walks around the grounds. Jackie Hadnot showed up after the show was over so I could not have him on the show. I stayed at the booth and visited with Chris Parker and we got caught up on Alaska plans. Once that was done, I walked over to Track 3 and waited for Metrolink 666 which took me home to Santa Ana ending our coverage of Fullerton Railroad Days 2013.

For the Amtrak 40th Annivesary Train click here.