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Southern Michigan Railroad Society 5/13/2013 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The Society decided to stop for some switching on our trip south to Raisin Center.

Southern Michigan Railroad Society 1.

The GMD-3 is a unique diesel hydraulic locomotive.

This is the car that needs to be moved across the crossing to the north.

The GMD-3 would be moved as well.

Our engine came by the GMD-3.

Everything is almost ready for the move.

Our engine heads for the switch.

Our engine at the J 34 Milepost.

The switching move is ready to take place.

After the switching move the engine headed to the north end of the train to push our train to Raisin Center.

We said goodbye to GMD-3 as we started our journey to Raisin Center.

RR Crossing One Mile sign south of Tecumseh.

A car was pacing our train.

We ran by the Tecumseh golf course.

Milepost L 7 and J 35.

The River Raisin has curved a gorge south of Tecumseh.

Three views as we head south.

Two trees in bloom.

A field ready for planting.

Another Whistlepost sign.

Another little pond along our route.

Milepost L 5 and J 37.

This crossing of the River Raisin is a 254' 10.5" structure that carries a single track and is comprised of two deck girder spans {each 44' long} at the south end; a single span seven pin connected Pratt deck truss {116' 10.5" in length} with pinned connections and inclined end posts; and a third deck plate girder span {50' in length} at the north end. The bridge is approximately forty feet above the River Rasin.

The Bridge was built by the Detroit Bridge and Iron Works in 1869 and was known as Bridge Number 15.

A RR telephone booth.

Milepost L 3 and J 39.

More trees in bloom down along the road.

A beautiful Michigan Spring Day!

Our train was closing in on Raisin Center.

The former approach signal for the former Norfolk Southern {Wabash} railroad crossing.

The little station building at Raisin Center. Our stop here would be for a photos and a bathroom break.

The southern end of the Southern Michigan Railroad Society track at Raisin Center.

The single restroom here got plenty of work from our passengers during our stop here at Raisin Center.

I walked over to the Norfolk Southern mainline but alas no trains due to trackwork today west of here. I then took a walk to the north side of Raisin Center.

Both sides of that signal at Raisin Center.

The train and signal at Raisin Center.

The look up the tracks to our north.

Our train at Raisin Center.

Our train was ready to head back north to Clinton.

A Norfolk Southern truck came off the tracks at the grade crossing at Raisin Center.

More of the beautiful Spring Michigan Day as we headed back to Clinton.

The "A" signal mast for the crossing at Raisin Center that can never take place again.

We rode by the GMD-3 at Tecumseh on our way back to Clinton.

Soon we were back in Clinton and our trip on the Southern Michigan Railroad Society trip was over. Elizabeth and I had some stops to make before our 6 PM train ride in Blissfield.

The Drive to Blissfield.

We drove back south to Tecumseh and found the old train station just one short block east from where we did the Photo Hault on our southbound trip earlier today.

The Tecumseh LS&MS/DT&M train station. From here I wanted one more picture I could not get from our train trip today.

The old diamond in the street of the former DT&I and our route we went over it today. From here we went to Adrian where we stopped at Subway for sandwiches to go. More of my research would pay off for us in Adrian.

Adrian and Blissfield SW-900 1223 at Adrian.

The Wabash Station in Adrian. From here we drove to Blissfield for our last train ride of the day.