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The Trip to the IN-MI-OH Trips 5/10/2013

by Chris Guenzler

Bart Jennings announced his Rare Mileage Trips for 2013 with tourist railroads in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. This seemed like a no brainer as all these tourist trains run at the same time so I could get these all in one trip plus make a nice spring trip. No major league baseball games could be seen as all the teams I needed were on the road during this visit. I got my airline flights and then asked several people if they wanted to join me. Elizabeth Alkire decided to do just the Indiana and Michigan portions of the trip but Chris Parker could not. I planned a really good trip and would work at Spurgeon Intermediate School in Santa Ana subbing as an RSP aide and did that until the day before the trip.

To Chicago 5/10/2013

I woke up at 4:15 AM and after my morning duties drove my mother's van down to John Wayne Airport and said our goodbyes. I went through security with no problems including my first full body scan. My leg and hip were hurting this morning so I was preboarded.

United Airlines Flight UA 684 5/10/2013

I was on an A320 airplane and we backed from the gate at 6:42 AM. We then lined up to take off. First to leave this morning was US Airway then United, American, Delta and then us. We took off at 7:05 AM. The movie was Promised Land and I received a Coca-Cola to go for later in my day. I did word fill in puzzles and Sudoku puzzles for the remainder of the flight to O'Hare. We touched down at 12:49 PM and then I had to find where ACE rental car pick up was. Once I got there, two vans had just left but soon a third came and took me to their off airport location. I got a Hyundai Accent and a box for the Illinois toll roads.

The road to Michigan City

I left the ACE rental car lot and headed to the Tri State Tollway I294 to Interstate 55 and took that Cicero Ave which took me to Midway Airport where I picked up Elizabeth. From here we went to the railroad crossings of Boardway Street in Blue Island and parked the car on a side street.


A view of this unique railroad location.

There is a tower here.

Another view of this unique railroad crossing.

BNSF 4111 north came through the Blue Island crossing.

Metra Rock Island Route Train 218.

One last view of the Blue Island crossing.

One last view of Iowa Interstate 721. From here we drove south to Homewood and found the IC Railroad Park.

Illinois Central Caboose 9426 on display.

Illinois Central 8408 on display.

The Homewood Amtrak station.

An interesting power set. We drove to the other side for more pictures.

Sorry but these are a little out of focus. We drove over to our next photo location.

The Homewood Railfan Viewing Platform.

The view from the Homewood Railfan Viewing Platform.

CN 8906 north with BC Rail 4609 in the consist.

Another northbound CN train came behind him.

Elizabeth enjoying the Homewood Railfan Viewing Platform.

Chris Guenzler enjoying the Homewood Railfan Viewing Platform. From here we drove east to Michigan City.

The Michigan City South Shore Station. We heard a horn and then saw a light engine move coming our way.

South Shore 2007 and 2005 came east on 11th Street in Michigan City. We drove over to Carrol Street Station to get some more pictures of them.

South Shore 2007.

South Shore 2005.

Also here was South Shore 2002.

As well as South Shore 2000.

We drove back to 11th and Spring Street to set up for our next train.

South Shore 11 came down 11th Street. After that we switched to a new location on 10th Street.

South Shore 111 came down 10th Street.

Another light power move this time South Shore 2009 and 2006.

South Shore 113 came down 10th Street.

South Shore 15 came down 10th Street.

South Shore 115 came down 10th Street.

Amtrak Wolverine 354 came into Michigan City a few minutes late tonight. With that we went by Walmart to pick up a few things for me and Elizabeth before we checked into the Super 8 motel. We walked over to the Texas Carrol for dinner where I had an excellent steak. I returned to my room and wrote this story before calling it a night.