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Winterail 2012 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After lunch we drove to Roeding Park in Fresno to take a little train ride this afternoon. Once we got there we picked up our tickets and were ready for a ride. I asked our engineer if I could take a few pictures before we departed with my favorite answer of "Yes!"

Willis B. Kyle Express Train at Storyland in Roeding Park

Willis B. Kyle Express 1863.

The train is ready to take us on a ride. I boarded the rear seat of the train for the ride.

The birds cross the track and this railroad has no switches just uses a shared middle rail when going either way.

Our trip starts off with us heading around the north loop.

You see the Roeding Park Lake.

The birds were out on this late afternoon.

A clear view of that junction we would be running through in over a minute.

The train started the trip taking us around the north end loop.

More of the birds.

The train runs along a canal of Roeding Park Lake.

A look back to where we had been.

We ran along the wall along the CA Highway 99.

Views along the Roeding Park Lake.

We came to another junction where we made a small loop along the Roeding Park Lake.

The train on that small lake.

More birds along Roeding Park Lake.

The train crossed this small bridge.

More views along Roeding Park Lake.

The train ran around the south loop and turned towards the tunnel.

The train ran into the tunnel.

The train exited the tunnel.

The train went by the south station.

Roeding Park Lake.

The train ran through the junction with the small lake loop.

The junction at the other end of that lake loop.

Roeding Park Lake.

The train ran along the canal of Roeding Park Lake.

The train entered the north station.

We finished our trip on the Willis B. Kyle Express Train at Storyland in Roeding Park. We thanked our operator and headed to the car. As we were leaving Tony and Larry who had stopped for gas in Visalia, pulled up and went to ride the train while we headed north to Stockton on CA Highway 99. We stopped to put some gas into the car and had no problem with traffic and got to the Winterail site at 5:25 PM. I checked my show in and enjoyed a Coca-Cola while we waited. Ken Ruben and Bob Riskie were already here so we all got caught up on things.

Railfan & Railroading Magazine/NRHS Friday Night Pizza Party.

This show started off with the slide shows with Paul Jannson showing the Santa Fe line through Pasadena through its transformation into the Pasadena Gold Line. Next Drew Jacksich showed the Southern Pacific in the 1980's and early 1990's. The last of the slide shows was done by Mike Pechner showing the American Freedom Train. With the slides done we went on the digital programs starting off with Steve Crise's show of Pacific Electric Then and Now. I was next with my A Year of Trains in the Life of Chris Guenzler. Next Steve Barry talked briefly followed by Greg Molloy President of the NRHS who talked about the grant program and the NRHS 2012 Cedar Rapids Convention. That was followed by Otto Vondrak showing It over Now, the Delaware & Hudson {CP Rail} trackage right trains over CSX/Metro North Lines into the Bronx and into New York City from 2003 to 2010. Next was Steve Barry with The Jim Boyd Tribute which covered the D&H, Erie Lackawanna, Rock Island, Illinois Central and more. Mike Rogue was next with People, Places and Trains. Bruce Blackadar was next with Rotaries from last winter and snowy trip across Nebraska and Wyoming and another trip across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. We had a Pizza Party Short called "Nomos" Northwest Loggers. The finally program was a DVD by Ed Sidwick on the Santa Fe RDCs.

After a fine night of train programs, we headed to the Red Roof Inn and called it a night. 3/10/2012 We meet in the lobby and all went to the Perkos Cafe and enjoyed a good breakfast. From there we drove to the Winterail site and parked. We all got in the line for the swap meet.

Winterail 2012 3/10/2012

Once inside I bought the new Western Pacific DVD by Charlie Smiley, a T-shirt from the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society and Daylight Sales. I got into the Theater Line and called Let's Talk Trains, the internet radio show. They opened the doors right before 11:00 AM and I saved four seats for our car of people. Once Chris Parker found me it was time for my Tri Tip Sandwich and a Coca-Cola. After that we went inside for the shows.

Vic Neves started us off with the Pre-Show Announcements. The first show was Randy's Texas Shorts - BNSF in Texas. Next came The Shorts which were The NWP by Mike Pechner, Lisbon by Bryan Bechtold which showed streetcars there and the Fillmore & Western by Dave Wilkinson. Next was Rotaries, Avalanche on the Mountain by Brendan Compton. That was followed by Last of a Breed - A Rio Grande Finale in Helper. Next we had The Photography of Al Rose by Stan Kistler. We then had the Three Favorites by the Various & Sundry Railfans.

Next it was the dinner at Perkos Cafe and a trip to Stockton Crossing with only a distant UP power move switching at the north end of their Stockton Yard.

Back at Winterail 2012, we had the photo contest winners announced and then the Winterail Hall of Fame Winner was Tom Gildersleeve of my hometown of Santa Ana. The first of the evening programs was by Tom Gildersleeve called The Last Great Steam Show in America. That was followed by Dick Dorn program called Dick's Southern Pacific Adventures. Next was Madera Concreto by Evan Werkema. Mel Patrick and Misko Kranjec gave us TMV {Time - Motion - Vision}. The Final Winterail 2012 Program was by Joel Jensen called Steam - An Enduring Legacy: The Railroad Photography of Joel Jensen.

Conductor Larry and I drove Bob Riskie to the ACE Station so he could board San Joaquin 703 for Sacramento to catch the Coast Starlight to Chemult and the Thruway Bus to his home in Bend. Chris Parker showed up and after we watched Bob leave us, we drove back to the Red Roof Inn for the short night {i.e. Time Change}.