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Four Gauges in one Day Part 2 7/21/2012

by Chris Guenzler

We drove north from Alpine to Poway and found a place to park. We went to the station finding no steam engine and the speeder operating pulling two cars. We waited for our turn to ride this 42 inch railroad.

Poway-Midland Railroad.

We boarded the cars for our two lap trip around the Poway-Midland Railroad.

They also have a Wig Wag Crossing Signal.

On the Poway Station.

Leaving the Poway Station behind.

The train crossed the first road crossing in Old Poway Park.

We ran along the south property fence.

We crossed the next road.

The train crossed the little creek in the Old Poway Park.

The train took this little "S" Curve.

Rolling along the west side of the property.

The train took the northwest curve on this unique railroad.

The train took the northeast curve on the railroad.

The train ran by the Poway-Midland Railroad Shop Building.

The train took the curve into the station area.

We ran by the water tower on the start of our second lap on this railroad. Once done I walked down to the shop building.

The trolley and the steam engine.

The steam engine.

The Cable Car. With those pictures done we headed out to Julian for our next train ride.

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