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Detour Train Trip on the Olive Subdivision September 8, 2012

by Chris Guenzler

I read on the Amtrak web site and then on the Metrolink web site about the detour of trains around the putting CP Stadium into service just west of the Anaheim Station on September 8, 2012. All trains would miss Anaheim by using the Olive Sub out to Atwood, switch ends then head into Fullerton via the San Bernardino Sub. I decided to take Pacific Surfliner 763 to Fullerton then Metrolink 660 back to Santa Ana. After that I would head to Irvine Park for the All Saint Picnic. I drove the van down to Santa Ana and parked in the northwest parking lot. I walked over to Track 1 after I got an Orange County Day Pass Ticket.

My always beautiful Santa Ana Station.

Pacific Surfliner 763 came into Santa Ana with the Amtrak Pilot Crew waiting to board with me. I took a seat in the Superliner Coach on the train. We sat for over ten minutes waiting to depart Santa Ana.

We finally departed Santa Ana and we were on our way.

The train crossed the Santa Ana Freeway.

I live down at the end of this street in northeast Santa Ana.

The train crossed the dry Santiago Creek and entered Orange.

At CP Maple we entered the siding to wait for Pacific Surfliner 564 as I have never been into this siding as the way we normally go heads to the closed track at Anaheim.

The Orange Wye is full of track equipment. We came to a stop and sat waiting for Pacific Surfliner 564 to go by us on the mainline. We reentered the mainline at CP Meats and headed to Atwood.

You do not get close to the Honda Center like you do on the regular route.

The train crossed Katella Avenue.

The property line between the nursery and the factory.

What is left of the old Southern Pacific line to Tustin.

The train crossed Glassell Street.

The train crossed Lincoln Avenue.

The train crossed East Riverdale Avenue.

The train crossed the Santa Ana River and settling ponds.

The train went by what used to be Adam Steel.

The train crossed the Riverside Freeway and went through the Anaheim Canyon Metrolink Station.

The train crossed East La Palma Avenue.

The train crossed North Tustin Avenue.

The train crossed East Mira Loma Avenue.

The train crossed North Jefferson Street as we neared Atwood and the BNSF mainline came into view.

The train has reached the BNSF mainline in Atwood and once the train went past the east control signal at Atwood we came to a stop and the engineers changed ends.

Heading west now, we went by the connection with the Olive Subdivision that we just came up on.

The train crossed North Tustin Avenue.

The train ran by Anaheim lake.

The train crossed East Orangethorpe Avenue.

The train ran through the North Kraemer Blvd grade crossing project.

The train ran along East Chapman Avenue.

There is another grade crossing project at South Placentia Avenue.

The train crossed State College Avenue.

The train crossed Acacia Avenue.

The train crossed Raymond Avenue.

We have completed our detour by returning to the usual route at Fullerton Jct.

I detrained at Fullerton and went up on the bridge to catch an eastbound BNSF train waiting for us to clear.

BNSF 7908 East went out of Fullerton as Pacific Surfliner 763 left for Los Angeles.

Pacific Surfliner 566 came and went at Fullerton.

BNSF 7805 East came through Fullerton.

BNSF 7595 West at Fullerton.

Metrolink 660 came into Fullerton to pick me up to take me back to Santa Ana.

Another view of the grade crossing project at South Placentia Avenue.

Another view of the grade crossing project at North Kraemer Blvd grade crossing project. We went back to Atwood and did the switching of ends much quicker and got to Santa Ana just about 15 minutes late. I drove home before I headed to Irvine Park for my Santa Ana High School All Saints Picnic. After visiting with friends I decided to ride the train here. After more socializing, I headed home to write this story.