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Orange Empire Railway Museum 5/27/2012 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We went over to wait to board the mainline train powered by the Santa Fe FP45 98.

The train pulled into the station and we all boarded the Union Pacific Caboose for the mainline trip.

Elizabeth in the caboose.

AC Adam and our new friends making his first caboose ride.

The train is about to leave the station. Now views from the caboose of our trip.

This was the northbound views of the mainline trip.

Two views of our group today at the Orange Empire Railway Museum. From here I went to the Pacific Electric Car Barn.

Pacific Electric Hollywood Car 717 built 1922.

Pacific Electric Birney Safety Car 331 built 1918.

Yakima Valley Transportation Baldwin-Westinghouse Electric Locomotive 297 built 1923.

Bakersfield & Kern California Car 4 built 1900.

Pacific Electric MU Coach 1001 built 1913.

Bamberger Railroad High Speed Interurban 127 built 1927.

San Francisco Muni Type K 171.

Pacific Electric Line Car Hollywood Car 717.

Pacific Electric Tower Car 00157 built 1915.

Old Pueblo Trolley 10 which is really PE 332 built 1918. I went outside and heard a trolley whistle coming near.

Los Angeles Railway PCC 3001 went by my photo location.

Next came Los Angeles Railway 1201 with Bob Alkire operating the car.

Also aboard was Elizabeth and AC Adam. Next I walked over to the Car Barn 4 which was opened for me.

Union Pacific E8A 942 built 1953.

Ventura County 2-6-2 2 built by Baldwin in 1922.

Soo Line Business Car Mt. Rubidoux 54 built 1914

Pacific Electric Blimp 418 built 1914.

Sacramento Northern electric locomotive built 1928.

Pacific Electric Hollywood Car 655.

Southern Pacific Wooden Caboose 570.

Pacific Electric Officer's Car 1000 built 1913.

Tonopah & Tidewater Box Car 111 built c1885.

Dublin Ireland Double Deck Tram GR 2 built 1901.

Pacific Electric Premier Business Car 1299.

Santa Fe Railway Post Office Car 60 built 1924.

San Diego & Arizona Eastern Baggage-Coach 175 built 1917.

Bison Park Pullman built 1926.

A San Diego PCC Car.

Pacific Electric 498 built 1913.

Pacific Electric Blimp 418 built 1913.

Union Pacific E8A 942.

Santa Fe Baggage/Coach 2602. I went and found Bob and Elizabeth to show them Car Barn 4.

Bob and Elizabeth.

Myself and Elizabeth. After they toured Car Barn 4, we went back up to the station where we found AC Adam and we all visited the gift shop. We then left the museum and had one last stop to make out in Perris.

The Santa Fe Perris Station. We drove up to the Riverside Live Steamers but with the lines way to long and really only one carrying passengers we returned to Santa Ana with a stop at The Habit for lunch. After that I drove them back to the Santa Ana station where I put bob and Elizabeth on Pacific Surfliner 579 to Los Angeles and then AC Adam on Pacific Surfliner 580 for Solana Beach. I then went home.

5/28/2012 I got up and made a roundtrip down to San Juan Capistrano on Surfliner 562 and 763. After that I went and saw the Avengers with a Norfolk Southern freight train in the beginning of it. I came home had lunch then finished the story. Winston and Christy came at 2:30 PM and we drove to Fullerton to meet Bob and Elizabeth who came down on Surfliner 580 and AC Adam came up on Surfliner 579. We all went to Knowlwoods for the Train Travel Group Meeting and everyone had a good time. I returned to Santa Ana to work the rest of the school year minus one day before I leave for the 2012 NRHS Convention in Cedar Rapids.