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NRHS 2012 Cedar Rapids Convention Night Photo Session 6/19/2012

by Chris Guenzler

We left the Clarion Hotel at 8:40 PM and were bussed out to the new Iowa Interstate Shop building still under construction out in Homestead. Steve Barry came aboard and gave us his do's and do not's about this event and then told us what we were planning on doing. He stressed safety and then we followed him out to the Iowa Interstate QJ 6988. We set up using the natural light first as it was still getting dark.

The first four pictures of this event for me.

This view shows the smoke deflectors on the QJ 6988.

Two more natural light pictures.

Three pictures with the portable yard lights.

The photo line which we would rotate turns during the event tonight. I would take other pictures and after it got dark really enjoyed the star gazing on this beautiful Iowa night.

A look west down the Iowa Interstate Railroad.

A view looking northwest. Now it was my turn to shoot my pictures using the flash lightning being applied.

Another view looking west down the railroad.

The front nose picture.

These were my best efforts of the night.

My first posed pictures of the event.

Two different views of the Iowa Interstate QJ 6988.

The posed pictures by the engine drivers.

Two views of the Iowa Interstate QJ 6988 Cab.

A grab shot on the way back to the bus. We returned to the Clarion Hotel right after midnight. Nathan and I then returned to the Motel 6 for the night. Special thanks to Steve Barry and all the photographers who made this event a great success.