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Friday Afternoon Iowa Drive & NRHS Banquet 6/22/2012

by Chris Guenzler

After the Crandic Trip we returned to the Motel 6 and I uploaded the story of that trip before we headed north to our first stop in Independence.

The Illinois Central Independence Station.

Baggage car and fire wagon.

There is a wag wig on display here.

Another baggage cart and a track speeder on display.


Seven views of the Illinois Central Independence Station.

Illinois Central 0-8-0 30 is really ex Grand Trunk ex Northwestern Steel & Wire.

An Illinois Central Caboose.

One last view of that Illinois Central Station in Independence.

An interesting boulder.

The OBS Section Gang Shed. From here we drove north to Oelwein but saw something we had to take a look at.

The local story goes that a dentist created a narrow gauge railroad here, ran it for a few years then let the place go back to nature. From here we drove to our next stop.

The Hub City Heritage Corporation Railroad Museum Oelwein, Iowa 6/22/2012

Four views of the Chicago Great Western FP7A 116A.

M&StL bulkhead flat car 16209.

CGW covered hopper 7230.

CGW 40' boxcar 92105.

Minnesota Transfer S-1 62.

Out came a Transco Railway Products SW-1 heading my way.

Transco Railway Products SW-1 11-01 was switching the yard.

Transco Railway Products switching their yard.

Transco Railway Products SW-1 11-02 was switching the yard.

CGW 40' boxcar 92105.

Great Western Caboose 637.

Museum scene.

Rock Island Caboose 17958.

CStPM&O SW-1 55.

Semaphore signal blade.

Tri Signal.

Switch stand display.

Semaphore signal blade.

Hand cars.

Museum grounds

The former Oelwein Shop Complex about to be torn down.

Museum view. We went inside and thanked them for having us before we drove back to Casey's in Independence then headed south to Vinton and a stop there.

Vinton Rock Island Station.

Rock Island Emblem.

Signal display.

Rock Island Caboose 17238. From here we high tailed it back to Cedar Rapids but noticed the old Milwaukee Road grade just north of US 30.

We caught a picture of a Crandic Switcher 133 by the ADM Plant. We returned to the Motel 6 and I put the corrections into the Crandic Trip Story before we headed to the Clarion for the NRHS Banquet.

The NRHS 2012 Convention Banquet.

Every year the NRHS Convention Banquet starts with a social hour while the room is set up.

Views of the social hour.

Sarah Jennings and Cathy Smetko dressed up for the evening. The doors were opened and soon everyone took their tables they picked.

A member of the City of Cedar Rapids Staff brought a proclamation.

The Cedar Rapids Proclamation to the NRHS was given to our President Greg Molloy.

Greg holds the Cedar Rapids Proclamation to the NRHS.

Our convention had been in many Iowa and Illinois newspapers.

Views of the Banquet Hall at the Clarion Hotel.

Greg Malloy table.

Bart Jennings table.

My table. Meals were then served.

Mr Robert Ernst, our Banquet Host, welcomed us all to the event tonight.

Greg Molloy spoke to our group about NRHS matters.

Bart Jennings spoke about the Convention, what it took to do it and thanked all you helped him pull it off.

Don Maxwell spoke about Railcamp and donations were collected.

Bart Jennings introduced Henry Posner III, Chairman of the Iowa Interstate.

Henry Posner III who talked about his railroad.

Bart Jennings introduced Jeff Wood, Marketing Manager of the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway Company.

Jeff Wood talked about the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway Company. With that done, another NRHS Banquet is completed and we returned to the Motel 6 for the night.