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Lomita Railroad Museum Trip Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker and I drove to The Grove/Farmers Market in West Los Angeles and parked in the parking structure. We went down the stairs and soon saw the trolley barn and noticed that the trolley wasn't in the barn. We walked the line and found the trolley at the west end.

The trolley at the west end. We boarded and took seats on the upper level of the trolley.

Chris Parker aboard the trolley.

Chris took a picture of me aboard the trolley.

I moved to the front bench to take pictures of the route.

Today is Emmy's 5th Birthday. Soon the Trolley took off on our trip to the east end of the route. Now let us enjoy the views from my trip.

This seat gives you a great view ahead.

The Wig Wag protects the only road that crosses the route.

The trolley took us to the mid route station stop.

The fountain was active during our stop. We then proceeded east.

A view of the passengers on the upper level.

The trolley continued east.

One must look up at times to notice things.

Soon we came to the east end of the line just short of the Trolley Depot 1759.

This battery powered double deck trolley 1759 was built by TIG/m built in 2001.

Passengers board for the westbound trip.

A front view of Trolley 1759.

The trolley ran by me on the next trip west. Chris and I walked back to the parking structure and I saw one more picture to get.

I had never taken a good picture of the Hollywood Sign. From here we drove surface streets to Glendale and our next stop at the Americana Plaza. We parked the car in their parking structure and walked down to where their trolley is kept.

This trolley and trailer 1717 was built by Gamaco in 2008 and is also battery powered. The crew told me that pictures were not allowed to be taken on the property unless I signed a waiver. I went to their offices but they were closed and security told me no pictures are allowed at any time. The trolley crew said I could just take a few for this story.

The trolley came out of the barn and took their safety run around the loop.

The trolley came back into the station then Chris and I took seats in the trailer. We then took our one lap around the Americana Plaza.

We then unloaded and I took this last picture before Chris drove me back to LAUPT and I boarded Pacific Surfliner 580 for home to Santa Ana. I drove home from the coolness of the parking structure at Santa Ana. It had been another great trip seeing all the new things I did today.