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The Expo Line all the way to Culver City 8/1/2012

by Chris Guenzler

AC Adam and I made a plan to ride the new Expo Line extension plus I would give him a tour of the Blue and Green Lines. I told AC that I would take Surfliner 562 down to San Juan and meet him on Surfliner 763. That worked perfectly and soon I was sitting with him on the trip to Los Angeles which took no time. We walked off the train, made a bathroom break before we went down the stairs to the ticketing machine and we purchased our Metro Day Passes for our ride. We walked down to the platform and boarded the first train to the 7th/Metro Station and went upstairs to wait for our trolley for Culver City to arrive. It came in on the other platform then after it was checked it went north through the crossover then came onto our track. We boarded this train for the ride to Culver City. The trolley left the 7th Street/Metro Station then went through the subway south towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

We come out of the tunnel and out into the daylight.

The train's first station is the Pico Station, the stop for the Staples Center, LA Convention Center and Nokia Theater.

The line runs on the east side of Flower Street.

The line then ran under Interstate 10, the Santa Monica Freeway.

We came to the junction where the Blue Line turns east on Washington Blvd and we went straight onto new mileage on the Expo Line for me.

The trolley continued to run along Flower Street.

Our train passed another Expo Line Train.

Our next station was the 23rd Street Station where you can go to LA Trade Technical College, Mount St. Mary College and the Orthopaedic Hospital.

The train took these curves to run to the west of the Harbor Freeway.

Running along the Harbor Freeway.

Our operator has to always be on the lookout for cars cutting in front of him.

The train crossed 30th Street.

The train is coming into the Jefferson/USC Station where you can get to USC, the Galen Center and The Shrine.

The train left the Jefferson/USC Station.

I love anything with Felix the Cat.

The train then entered the trench/tunnel to get us into the middle of Exposition Blvd.

In the trench/tunnel we turned to the west coming out into the middle of Exposition Blvd.

We stopped at the Expo Park/USC Station gateway to USC, California African America Museum, California Science Center, Exposition Park Rose Garden and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

A Breast Cancer Fund Raising Run/Walk was taking place today.

We went by an eastbound Expo Line Train.

The Expo/Vermont Station serves Jesse Brewer Jr. Park, Los Angeles Swimming Station and Natural History Museum.

Exposition Park.

The lineside signal gives us a green.

Still running down the middle of Exposition Blvd.

The Expo/Western Station serves Exposition Park Library/Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center.

Still running down the middle of Exposition Blvd.

The Expo/Crenshaw Station serves the Lula Washington Dance Theater.

Passing another eastbound Expo Train.

The line is fenced the whole length of the Expo Line.

An Expo Line Grade Crossing.

A very well maintained Expo Line.

The Farmdale Station which will serve in the future Rancho Cienega Sports Complex and the Vineyard Recreation Center.

Passing a train at the Farmdale Station.

You can see that we will climb to our next station.

The Expo/La Brea Station serves the Baldwin Hills Branch Library and the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex.

Looking north down La Brea Blvd.

We dropped down to the ground after the Expo/La Brea Station.

We took this track and climbed the grade to our next station of La Cienega/Jefferson Station

Our train left the La Cienega/Jefferson Station and I headed out onto new trackage.

The line crossed over West Jefferson Blvd and across Ballona Creek.

We came to a red over green so I knew we would be crossing over to the south track.

The trolley crossed over to the south track.

We climbed to grade towards the Culver City Station.

Rolling west across the viaduct.

Coming into to the Culver City Station.

Nearing the end of the track at the Culver City Station.

Our trolley at the Culver City Station.

Where the Expo Line will be built from the Culver City Station. From here we returned east to the Pico Station where we just missed a train to Long Beach. First another Expo Line train came into the Pico Station and then an eastbound Expo train came in before our train for Long Beach. Once we made the turn onto Washington Blvd on the Blue Line, AC Adam was again on new rail mileage. We took the train down to Long Beach going around the loop there and returned to Imperial/Wilmington Station where we got off and went up the stairs to the Green Line. We took the first train that came in and rode out west all the way to the Redondo Beach Station. We switched cars then rode east all the way to Norwalk Station and then returned west to Imperial/Wilmington Station and returned to the Blue Line to 7th Street/Metro Center where we took the Red Line back to LAUPT. From here we boarded Pacific Surfliner 580 and I detrained at Santa Ana ending a great day of riding Light Rail in Los Angeles County.