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Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum Part 2 7/8/2012

by Chris Guenzler

Now I will continue my walk around the grounds.

Union Pacific Stock Car 43009 built by Union Pacific in 1964.

Northwestern Pacific Tank Car 849 built in 1918.

United States Navy Locomotive Crane 84-00412 built by American Hoist & Derrick Company in 1944.

SD&AE Flat Car MW 1215.

GATX Tank Car 34569 built in the 1930's.

Santa Fe Gondola 72312 built by GATX in 1958.

Santa Fe Box Car 276594 built by Pullman in 1947.

Unknown Flat Car.

Department of Defense Flat Car 38128.

San Diego and Arizona Coach 254 built by Pullman in 1930.

San Diego and Arizona Coach 253 built by Pullman in 1930.

The Tom Larry Speeder Repair Shed.

Southern Pacific GP-9 3873 built by EMD in 1959.

San Diego and Arizona Coach 250 built by Pullman in 1930.

Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 300010 built by PFE in 1950.

San Diego & Arizona Eastern Box Car 1084 MW built in 1936.

Eagle Mountain Railroad Caboose 1905 built by Kaiser in 1953.

United States Air Force RSX-4 2104 built by GE/Alco in 1953.

The Santa Fe Rolling Gantry Crane at this unique museum.

Coos Bay 2-8-2T 11 built by Alco in 1929.

Southern Pacific Tank Car 1028.

DODX Flat Car 39106 built by Pullman in 1952.

Union Pacific Hopper Car 7801 built by PSCC in 1949.

GATX Tank Car 79923 built by GATX in 1927.

Arco Products SH-2300-2 6920 built by Baldwin in 1954.

USG Hopper.

HOKX Tank Car 2037 built by ACF in 1964.

Santa Fe Reefer 21335 built by ACF in 1920.

San Diego & Arizona Baggage Car 6700 built by StLCC in 1960.

San Diego & Arizona 2-8-0 104 built by Baldwin in 1904.

Pullman Robert Perry built by Pullman in 1927.

Amtrak Baggage/Dorm 1500 built by Budd in 1937.

Union Pacific Box Car 498769 built by Pullman in 1966.

Santa Fe Diner/Lounge/Obs 1509 built by Pullman in 1926.

ACY Box Car 3024 built by MSCC in 1941.

Union Pacific Coach 576 built by Pullman in 1931.

Modesto & Empire Traction 70 Toner 613 ex SP 5119 built by GE in 1955.

Trackmobile 3.

Southern Pacific Wooden Caboose 644 built by the Southern Pacific in 1917.

Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad Coach/Observation Car 14 built by Jackson & Sharp Company in 1899.

Santa Maria Railway Express Railbus 9 built by Fairmont in 1932.

San Diego & Arizona Railway Coach 255 built by Pullman in 1925.

Union Pacific Coach 576 built by Pullman in 1931.

Another view of RS-2 2098.

A view any Santa Fe lover would love to see in 2012. Now it is time to walk back to the station and ride the train.

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