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NRHS Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad Trip 6/21/2012 Part 2

By Chris Guenzler

The train left at 10:30 AM.

We left from the Boone Station.

The Crandic Centercab 1858 was bringing out the Trolley for rides after we return.

Charles City Western Car 50.

Crandic Centercab 1858.

The train steamed out of Boone.

Equipment out in the storage area.

They have 3 unique snowplows in Boone, here is one of them.

A rural crossing.

Out into the corn fields we would go.

The train took a curve.

The Plicher Road Bridge.

Our train took another curve.

The Bass Point Creek High Bridge could be seen ahead of our train.

The engine did a blow down off of the Bass Point Creek High Bridge.

Views from the Bass Point Creek High Bridge.

Me and my shadows.

The train ran through Oak Park.

The Des Moines River.

The log pile.

The campers are zip lining from tree to tree.

We started across the Des Moines River.

Me and more shadows.

Finishing our crossing of the Des Moines River.

The gravel spur.

A turn to the left.

The Des Moines River.

Curving into Fraser where our steam engine will run around the train.

The steam engine ran on the siding around the train. Once connected we started back with our steam engine leading our train. They announced the Photo Runbys and the first one was only a few minutes away. We reached spot and unloaded the train.

The back up move at Fraser.

The train did the Photo Runby at Fraser where it rained coal cinders. We reboarded the train and on the way had a meeting about our next Photo Runby at the Bass Point Creek High Bridge. We had three photo spots picked and I was with assigned one other person for Safety Duty on the overlook. We would have a group of 18 up for each runby making sure everyone would be safe and follow directions. We came across the Bass Point Creek High Bridge and unloaded. The first 18 followed me across a small bridge one at a time then up a trail to the overlook. I would take pictures with each of the groups. I told everyone to shoot the back up move in case the sun would go behind the clouds during the Photo Runby.

Back Up Move 1.

The lower group of photographers are ready for Photo Runby 1.

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