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Sumpter Valley Railroad Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After my own personal tour of the Sumpter Valley Railway grounds, I went to one of the covered picnic tables and worked on part one of this story. I went and picked up my ticket and got done up to picture 62 before it was time to put the computer back into the car and go board the train. Our train had two coaches with an open air car in between. With it rainy, I took the rear side bench in the rear coach. Bob Riskie then showed up and joined me. I called Let's Talk Trains before our train left the McEwen Station for Sumpter.

The station we left from this morning.

The Sumpter Valley Water Tank is left behind.

The wye switch was passed next as we left the McEwen Station area. Now we will cross the area of the valley where the dredges ripped the ground apart in search of gold. Every low point is now filled with water and the high areas are what was put on the ground by the dredges.

The inside of our coach on today's trip. Bob and I went out into the open air car for the westbound trip to Sumpter.

The waste from the dredges litter the landscape.

The water in the low points is really pretty.

Views ahead of our train this morning.

A very unique landscape is really beautiful.

More freight cars in a siding along our route today.

What the dredges destroyed nature has turned it into beauty.

The Whitney Highway.

More ponds along our route.

More of the dredge waste piled upon the earth here.

More ponds along our route this morning.

The train took a curve to the left.

Another pond.

The train took a curve to the left.

The view ahead of our train.

The Powder River which our train's route follows.

The view ahead of the train.

The train has reached the limits of Sumpter.

From the view of this pond you can tell it was raining.

Another curve to the left.

Another pond.

A curve to the right.

I find all these ponds of interest along our route.

A curve to the left.

The train has reached the siding at Sumpter which after we unload the engine will run around the train.

We had a train robbery on our trip.

The train has reached the west end of the siding.

There is a mining museum in Sumpter.

The sign for the Sumpter Valley Station in Sumpter.

The train robbers had fun robbing the train today as the rain continued. The train pulled up to the Sumpter Station and we detrained. We walked out to the main street then walked east half a block to our place to eat.

Bob and I went to Scoop-N-Steamer Restaurant where we had a French Toast Breakfast. After that great meal, we walked back to the station.

The Sumpter Station.

The train backed from the siding to the Sumpter Station.

One of the dredges that destroyed the landscape.

Two views of our steam engine in Sumpter.

The train in front of the Sumpter Station. It started to rain hard again so I went and boarded the train. Bob soon joined me and we enjoyed the trip back to the McEwen Station listening to the sound of the Heisler pulling our train. Once we returned to the McEwen Station it was time to cut off the steam engine so it could be reloaded with wood.

This is the same steam engine I fired on four trips back in 1981.

The steam engine then headed to get wood. A special thank you to the Sumpter Valley Railway for the excellent trip they provided me on this trip.