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Union Pacific 844 Chase Yuma to West Colton 11/17/2011 Part 2

Railfans Chasing Trains

by Chris Guenzler

We all got up and after checking out of the Reba Lodge we drove over to the Mad Chef for breakfast.

Here I had french toast and three sausages for $3.45. From here we went to see the UP 844 before it would leave Yuma at 8:00 AM MST.

The Union Pacific 844 and its 16 car train today.

The Union Pacific 844 steamed up and ready to go.

Some detail shots of the Union Pacific 844.

Three rear shots of the Union Pacific 844.

The Union Pacific 1996 the Southern Pacific Heritage Unit.

The Union Pacific 7420 West crossed the Colorado River and entered California.

The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park and Colorado River.

The Union Pacific Bridge across the Colorado River.

It was really something to watch the birds take off from the bridge every time the Union Pacific 844 blew its whistle then would land back on the bridge. It kept happening until the Union Pacific 844 left Yuma at 8:16 AM MST and headed to the bridge.

The Union Pacific 844 left Yuma and crossed the Colorado River into California. From here we tried to beat the Union Pacific 844 across the Winterhaven Valley but slow drivers caused us to end up just following it. We got onto Interstate 8 and got out ahead of it. We exited on Ogilby Road which we took north back to the UP mainline where we got there right before the Union Pacific 844 did.

The Union Pacific 844 at Ogilby. We returned south to Interstate 8 which we took west. We got on right by a UP Special Agent who led us back the way we came out last night. He went via Calipatria and we went the way we went last night and beat him to Niland by seven minutes. We arrived into Niland just as the Union Pacific 844 pulled in for its servicing stop. The Union Pacific 844 had met two trains since we had last seen him.

The Union Pacific 844 has just pulled into Niland.

The Union Pacific 844 at Niland.

Two views of the servicing of the Union Pacific 844. From here we left getting by the closed Border Patrol Station at Wister and we pulled off of CA 111 just short of Bombay Beach at a spot of good lighting.

The Union Pacific 7420 West near Bombay Beach.

Soon we saw the Union Pacific 844 and train from about seven miles away getting closer and closer.

The Union Pacific 844 ran by us near Bombay Beach. We then all became Railfans Chasing a Train.

Scenes from the chase.

Near Mecca we caught up to the rear end of the train which slowed way down to meet a train at Mecca.

We then caught up to the front end and the Union Pacific 844 came to a stop at Mecca. We pulled off and set up for the leaving Mecca shot once he started up again.

The Union Pacific 844 leaving Mecca. Due to traffic we followed behind the train the rest of the way to Indio.

The Union Pacific 844 was being serviced when we went through Indio.

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