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La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2015 Day 1 4/5/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After a great first time at the Santa Fe Bridge just west of Orrick we went back into that town to shoot pictures of a Wabash caboose that we spotted driving out to the bridge earlier this morning.

Wabash Railroad caboose 2790 at Orrick. From here we drove over to CA Jct where I would be taking pictures for the first time as well.

Views of CA Jct so you get a feel for this unique place.

Norfolk Southern 9286 West at CA Jct.

BNSF 7883 East at CA Jct.

BNSF 4034 East at CA Jct.

We had a westbound green signal so we waited.

BNSF 6966 West at CA Jct. With that train, we went east and saw an eastbound behind us coming into Hardin on MO Highway 10 so I pulled over and ran back to get in position for a picture.

BNSF 7992 East at Hardin. We kept driving past Norborne to a grade crossing with a lake between the track just west of NA Jct.

We had a green eastbound signal here but alas no eastbound train came.

BNSF 5062 West just west of NA Jct. From here we drove into Carrollton looking for lunch but had one stop to make before that.

The Santa Fe Carrollton station. From here we went to Sonic to get lunch to go.

While waiting for lunch, Southern caboose X348 at Carrolton. We took US Highway 65 to Route UU to the second bridge west of Bosworth.

BNSF 4096 East caught us as we pulled onto the bridge.

BNSF 8337 East at the second bridge west of Bosworth. We attempted to follow the BNSF mainline the best we could but just missed five trains trying to get to Ethel. Once there just over a hill top I saw the crossing gates gong down so I turned onto Emerald Street to get a picture of the train.

BNSF 7954 East was the final train of the day. We headed to La Plata, gassed up the rental car and went back to the Depot Inn & Suites where I moved from Room P to the Pullman Suite. I found my disc drive program when I made the move. I went to Hardees to bring back dinner then wrote this story, watched some TV and took a sauna tub bath before calling it a night.

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